COP21: Trump Belches Death.

So, the DT cabal are aiming to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement joining Syria (understandable, being now a pile of rubble) and Nicaragua (who challenged that it didn’t go far enough), on the very bottom rung and outside of the most hopeful global surge to save ourselves; to save animals, creatures, forests, wilderness, oceans, food sources, and available water from absolute, total, freaking wipe out.

This is the monstrous face of American power unveiled. Fuelled by an insane, nasty, stupid, boorish, violent, reckless, tantrum two-year old in chief. Marched along by white supremacists, fearful misogynists, Frankensteinian apocalyptic fetish fucks (take a bow Bannon), arms trading ghouls, and funded by billionaire oligarchs that have as much ethical empathy as a piece of shite.

And my dear home country Britain. Stop the Tories or be dragged along in America’s destructive, degrading, and despicable wake, which means loosing any remaining threads of caring social fabric because all your hard worked resources will sink into an endless financial bog of endless funding for the bombing of endless brown people. It will mean endless ratcheting up of militaristic policing and endless hyper-ventilating surveillance systems on the home front to ward off endless terrorist-lost-boys manipulated by sick soulless bastards who haunt dry desert hearts with the vomit from Saudi Arabia, funded of course by the UK/USA, (the UKSA, USKA, KUSA??)

This, our crashing colonial empire, shoring up its racist rule, it’s fear based legislation to stop demographic change, its enshrined denial of genocide and slavery, its repression of feminist power, its twisted grasping built on centuries of systemic plunder from our “Christian” 17th century European rationalizing “enlightenment” that divorced nature, that objectified and categorized every last wild, free, thing. Its nazi eugenics, its master race madness. Behold, here is our perverse, pickled, stunted child-man “saviour” arrived at its zenith.

Here’s what he offers – Death.
Well good.

We have to see the depth of depravity, of senseless destruction, the structural ground of our Eurocentric five hundred year gallop through Indigenous lands, our decimating stride through millions of brown and black people, our puritanical drive toward fetid, in-house patriarchal white bloodline notions ending in crematoriums, our inward depressed, addicted, collapse, and our craven sucking of the greenback dollar.

We are not only that. Of course we did good, great, and beautiful things too. But right now, we are that.

We have to feel into that groping man-child, what it is built on, the ingestion of it into our cellular structures handed down through breast milk, learnt guilt, compliance, collusions. We have to know it is also us. Enabled by our wafty movement to spiritual things while not seeing what we need to see because it’s all rather coarse. Here’s some news. Our high flying leaps will not save us. We have to enter the fray, the mess, to get it wrong, to fall onto our knees, to not know or have all the answers … again and again.

Anyhow we can’t avoid the fall.

Because, clearly we have to be more shaken down – to the core – to the bone – to the gut-wrenching realization that we are so on the line that there’s only one way out.

Find that way.

Listen to your heart as she surges with the energy of the Earth’s immune charge to revolt. Follow her, speak out, say it. Throw off that “oh, it’s not nice”, “oh, I won’t be approved”, “oh, someone won’t like me.” Listen to oppressed peoples. Because they know. Read how they survived, how they sacrificed, how they won.

Join together in the resistance because everything we love depends on it. Do it now, with each breath, with each action moving the tide to reclaim our collective aching soul. Don’t do it for yourself.  Do it for the children, for the animals, for the Earth. For the precious sentiency of the web of life.

Do it because it needs to be done.


8 thoughts on “COP21: Trump Belches Death.”

  1. Thanissara, speaking Truth without apology nor censorship! Tell it, Girrrrl!! It was my job to put together some talking points for our Indivisible Environmental Action Committee meeting tonight on Trump’s possible backing out of the Paris Climate Accords. After reading some articles, I realized how traumatized I felt. Literally sick! But yet, our love of sentiency (I learned a new word!) won’t allow for too much despairing and weeping. We are the warriors, the truth tellers, the ones who are unafraid to face the evil and protect what needs protecting. As kindred spirits in our love, we join together, the groundswell of our wave rising up, empowering us to fight this madness. We can’t do it alone. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Thanissara! thanks to everyone who are a part of this wave. I need you, we need each other!


    1. Beautifully said Anna. So true, we need each other to rise up… The truth is that we have to rise up from the ground, to put inordinate pressure on these political-power systems, we can’t depend on them. And we’ve just been dealt a Trump card that will ensure the resistance will grown manyfold.
      Thanks for taking time to share your process also. I appreciate it.
      Love and blessings.


  2. Thank you dearly beloved Thanissara, I am in tears of gratitude for your wisdom and courage . No minimizing or denying here and I feel so much less alone. “without apologies or censorship”.. yes rare and precious and so needed. You lift me up, we lift each other up . It takes great compassion to be the wrathful Bodhisattva,
    Thanks to all who are willing to look these truths in the eye, we do need each other.
    with love and gratitude from Canada.


    1. Hi Jill, yes something of a unholy rant…. and yes, i have to undo my own inner censorship (being a nice buddhist an al), to take a leap into that wrathful energy.
      For many of us as women, it’s important to not suppress that voice, and fortunately, as one gets older, there’s less social conditioning to hold back.
      Yes, we do need each other to keep on track, to know what’s true in this swirl of lies and manipulations, to hold steady to the heart in the times of toxic patriarchal melt down.
      All blessings to you and your family, friends, sangha there in Canada. 🙂


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