Standing Up to Patriarchy’s Last Stand (and looking after ourselves at the same time.)

Just as the ocean’s salty water taken into clouds turns sweet, the stable mind works to benefit others; turning poison into healing nectar.  — Saraha

My sabbatical was supposed to start in October, but like multitudes of others, it’s been “all hands on deck” for the emergency of the election, Standing Rock, and now the psychopathic Blitzkrieg strategy exploding around us. What a truly appalling time. It feels like the air is being sucked out of the planet; each day it’s a little harder to breathe.

This acute crisis, initiated by a reptilian consciousness that truly disorders ones brain, is having us dig deep into our resources. As the poisonous millennia of patriarchy, misogyny, white supremacy, and predator colonialism born of divisive consciousness spews forth, we cannot avoid the full measure of the beast. It’s clear that to defeat this sadistic and wanton regime of hate, we have to dig deep enough to find our passion for love and life. We have to really want to fight for HER within us all. The planet, the compassionate, caring, merciful, inclusive, collaborative, healing, world of our future.

We have to allow the immune system of nature to rise up through us like the Kundalini roar of thousands of voices from rivers of people in the pouring rain while surging down Market Street in San Francisco into the night of the phenomenal Woman’s March. My body will never forget emerging from the subway into that surge, carried by the sheer exhilaration of our passion, power, and determination.

So, there’s the marches, the petitions, phone calls, money to ACLU and the like, collaboration, sharing, facebooking, boycotting, divesting, getting in shape, reading up, listening to African Americans and Indigenous folks who have been at this shite forever, and then there’s the long arc ahead of us. For what’s coming I need to drop out of the river of this first surge for a while to digest, recoup and regather. Forgive me for not being visible for a while, but be reassured, you, who are feeling this, whose heart is breaking, who is moving to defend what we need to protect, you are in my heart.

And, it is all in my heart, in all our hearts. All is resident within the shared field of our aware undivided consciousness. In other words, this is an intimate world. The beauty and the beast dwell right here intwined. And so it is here, into the silence, the deep listening, the meeting of demons and angels where we can also work. Energetically, prayerfully, ceremonially through connecting with ancestors, forces of spiritual power, and the Dharma. In this journey we welcome it all. We become a conduit for the deeper intelligence of awareness so it can guide, inform, and engage through our bodies, hearts and minds.

This is our evolutionary journey. The collective shadow and the collective intelligence have brought us to this momentous moment. We do what we can to save us all, but let’s also remember to take care of ourselves. When some of us step to one side, others will carry the torch, when others need a breather, we will pick that torch up. Because it’s a long road ahead. We will have to help each other. Together, with our hearts aligned, we will find courage and resilience way beyond what we ever thought possible.

So I’ll catch you later. If you find what I write supportive, then check out the book I wrote  Time To Stand Up. It’s for these times. You will find something there to nourish, to bring courage, to inspire, but also to be utterly realistic. We do what we can, but whatever happens, whatever gets destroyed, we must know, trust, that our heart, our conscious spirit is, in reality, indestructible.









7 thoughts on “Standing Up to Patriarchy’s Last Stand (and looking after ourselves at the same time.)”

  1. Dearest Thanissara,

    I dreamt that I was assisting you. While you taught and rode the swell of outrage and hope , I polished the cover of your journal. It was made of a fine,indestructible metal and it sheltered the tender pages within. I thought of somehow adding to the binding with your artwork which was printed on delicate fabric.

    You are an inspiration to me, your strength and agency. The tenderness of your immense heart.

    Please take good care of yourself .

    With Love ,



    1. Thank you so much Nancie, for polishing the cover of my journal! How beautiful, and wondrous to hear how we are all so subtly interconnected within our hearts as they rise to meet the challenge.
      Thank you too for your good wishes.
      Sending much love to you. xxx.


  2. Dearest Thanissara,

    I for one, could not feel more gratitude and deep trust, to be so lucky as to know support through your embodied dharma, our shared teachers, mentors and guides…especially the Buddha’s guidance, here and now.

    The past and the future are in this moment and it is challenging to bare even with a lifetime studying and practicing wise understanding, wise view.

    Yet I am every learning when to step away from the enormous dichotomies and calm deeply into the qualities I am, and value. To return again to the Beloved World and meet whatever arises.

    The blog, the writing from your wisdom heart, your life of experience, is for my practice, the personal connection I need to validate knowing and intuition working with the destructive forces surrounded by all that loving awareness encompasses.

    I am facing into my fears and finding it very supportive to exchange insights soaked in realism, clarity of thought and true kindness as I move deeper into these conditions using all that I practice to connect with the deepest truth of naturalness.

    The difficult journey is softened, by listening with the heart of wisdom wherever I hear the resonance.

    Thank you, always!


    Valeta Bruce


    1. Dear Valeta,
      Thank you so much for sharing your process, which resonates with mine. May we all have the courage to continue to challenge the current political madness, while also birthing our new world. I send you much love and all best wishes for your ongoing journey.
      Thanissara xx.


  3. Dear Thanissara,
    Your book, and recently all of your Facebook posts, have been a guiding light and a refuge to me in these dark times, for which I have the greatest of gratitudes. I wish you deep and still rest in the days ahead. I look forward to connecting with you in some future place on the dharma road — perhaps at Forest Refuge, or at Dharmagiri. Until then, I will read and reread the book, and send it to all the young people in my life.
    With Great Metta, Sarah


    1. Thanks Sarah, sending much metta and all blessings in these challenging times indeed.
      I wish you all the very best as we continue to work towards the more beautiful world of our future.


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