Code Red: A World in Free Fall Calls Us to Rise Up


Each day intensity builds as climate disasters, biodiversity collapse, and a sharp rise of authoritarianism hollows out the stability of our lives. At the same time, we’re navigating the exhausting complexities of a politically weaponized Covid world with its tangled knot of discord fracturing fault lines in families, friendships, and communities.

What is being unveiled is the systems we live within, including our mental and emotional constructs, are ill-equipped to manage such an onslaught. Altogether, it seems we’ve slid into a state shift where the old Global order is moving into free-fall. Every day we feel the overwhelm, exhaustion, and disorientation of a civilization unable to sustain its contradictions, like the myth of endless growth triggering mass extinctions.

UN global climate poll in Jan 2021 revealed two-thirds of people worldwide think climate change is a global emergency. It states, “the voice of people is clear – they want action on climate change.” This is an extraordinary shift from decades of relegating our cataclysmic dilemma to the fringes. It’s even more likely this percentage swelled with the UN Code Red Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change report released in August ’21. This groundswell of alarmed citizens represents a significant global awakening, which, if mobilized, can radically dismantle the status quo that is destroying our living systems.  

Underwriting a possible paradigm shift within the broader collective is another growing realization. Our extractive worldview, built on human primacy over nature and embedded within oppressive hierarchies of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation, is predominately fabricated to enable the transference of immense power and wealth to a tiny minority. This long-played dynamic has perpetually left the majority world scrambling to survive. 

The recent spectacle of white, male, sociopathic billionaires competing to project themselves out of Earth’s orbit in phallic-shaped space-crafts perfectly exemplifies the narcissistic sociopathy of predator patriarchy. Their plundering ego dominance, built on the backs of a vast, exploited workforce shackled to a ruthless machine of endless productivity and consumption, is not inspiring. Instead, their offensive enterprise strikes me as demonstrating the spluttering corpse of predator capitalism, which now bequeaths only dead ash in its wake.

However, even with mountains of evidence in plain sight proving that billionaires and governments are woefully unresponsive to the urgency of this moment, most of the population is still distracted and frozen in a trance. In a recent article, ecological philosopher, activist, and former XR Strategist Rupert Read was asked, 

What could be the trigger that could take the environment movement to the next level? 

It’s on the imminent horizon – Cop26. It’s going to be a huge wake-up call. After the terrible weather and the ‘code red’ IPCC report, the huge wake-up call is going to be when the world realises that the world’s so-called leaders are definitively not coming to the rescue.

So, here we are, in an apocalyptic time. All in the shadows is now unrelentingly spotlighted. There seem few places left to hide. Instead, our psychic boundaries are eroding under the force of an overwhelming toxic influx from our collapsing world, swirling into a gathering force, like the weather, flooding and burning as it rushes through our nervous systems.

She, it seems – Pachamama, the spirit of Mother Nature – is breaking free and puking all out into the open. With her wildness erupting, flooding, burning, freezing, melting, you’d think governments would be mobilizing on a massive scale. Instead, we’re stuck with the likes of patriarchal dinosaurs battening down their Gilead fantasy, as in Texas, while unleashing hate and fear, like heat guided missiles, trying to control any movement outside their narrow scope. No wonder we feel crazed.

We also feel scarily undone as the tectonic plates of our world spin beneath us. What we thought was solid and real is revealing how little we know of Reality itself. But just maybe, while falling apart, we are moving toward a core recalibration.

The way I see it, as time, space, and future collide into the increasing intense gestalt of now, it’s as if we entered a collective shamanic journey. What we thought was separated out from us through the mind’s endless demarcations of “other” now vibrantly appears in this one heaving consciousness made up of billions of tiny sparks of intention, action, and reactivity as the pressure of 5,000 years of Patriarchal history divorced from Mother Nature spews its lethal guts over us all. We can try and pick up the pieces. Or we can walk into another space and sit together in a circle.

There is a beloved circle that we are, outside the walls of conformity, where a storehouse of untamed dreams will decolonize our minds.

As shamans, we have left the ordered and expected human world and are undergoing dismemberment. In the process, we are traversing beyond all the known frames of reference. It’s so dreadful it makes us queasy. We forget what’s what and are often terrified, fearful, depressed, lost, sad, raging. Yet within this strangely disorientating journey, there waits a gift. A potent potential. An alchemical stone there for us to pick up.

In this free fall, we are swimming the unchartered flow of consciousness itself, plunging to the core, into a light nucleus that at the same time is here, there, everywhere, without centre or circumference. Wherever we touch is conscious-being-presence. Unbounded, creative, a bubbling spring birthing forth a matrix of light manifesting as matter.

It is here, intersecting this timeless presence with attention and intention at the point of emergent manifestation, that we can energize quantum shifts. “Mind,” said the Buddha, “precedes all things.” Here, we can bow and pay due homage while awakening into choosing a very different way. A pathless leap empowering us to seed, manifest, activate, and enable a world guided by the core impulse of love at the heart of all in service of all.

At this dangerous moment, we can’t grasp the kaleidoscope. There are just too many moving parts that are overwhelming us. But we can steady, ground and embody our authentic potential with each breath. We can prayerfully and ceremonially call on body, heart, and soul at cellular and ancestral levels to renounce collusion and perpetuation with patriarchal dominance rooted in disdain and severance from the life-nourishing feminine soul within the heart of nature. 

So, take some time to write out all your agreements with the hierarchies of patriarchal power that instil violence, abuse, and manipulation to control, exploit, and oppress. Feel each line in your list within the somatic patterning of your body. Then, withdraw your energy from the ways we all habitually, unconsciously and consciously collude.

For sure, it’s an exacting task, withdrawing from our colonized constructed illusion of human superiority controlling everything. But She is taking this sleight of hand down to the ground, burning up our oil-made comforts and crashing our twinkling, electrically fuelled civilization. With one of her tears, she can unleash a roaring hurricane shredding a waterlogged path from Louisiana to New York in a few hours. We must indeed be left in no doubt. We humans are not in control in the ways we thought we were.

We’re on notice. So, let’s pause and prepare ourselves inwardly for the challenge. It’s time to simplify. It’s time to renounce the driven exhaustion of predatory capitalism that leaves division, deprivation, and destruction in its wake. This old story is finished, with its tiresome and deadly perpetuation of misogyny, homophobia, racism, sexism, imperialism, nationalism, white supremacy, specism, and all ways that hold others or any part of Mother Nature’s creation as inferior.

Dance, sing, play music, write poetry, breathe more fully, meditate and free body, mind, heart, and spirit from the ancient controlling mechanisms of fear, shame, guilt, lack of worth, violence toward self and others. Let go withholding the nourishment of Her eros life-pulse. Release from the tight biblically instilled religious-social conditioning passed from generation to generation. Trust Her empowering arrow ever moving to its mark, opening hearts to taste the blissful love flowing through Her creation.

There is another way here. Our heart-pulse prayer can align with mother nature’s indwelling spirit, ever embracing the light of illumination manifesting this universe. 

A deathless awareness can travel with each breath, grounding mind, soothing body, connecting soul, and enabling our authentic truth-telling rewired brain to free us from allegiance to this old dying world. Free to dream our new story of collaborative stewardship as we return to the root, reach to the stars and walk with the songs of whales, eagles, hummingbirds, and our indigenous ancestors.

Small and big steps within our gathering community of renewal mean we no longer serve the empire making machine but instead are devoted to Earth and each other. This is a devotion that requires action. We cannot allow our exquisite home with its myriad life forms forged over billions of years to be hijacked, raped, and murdered. We must transform our inner path of evolutionary consciousness into visible resistance and active radical transformation. 

I see a network of local groups connecting and supporting each other, networking around the globe, as we move out of our silos and help one another unfreeze the immobilized and distracted parts in ourselves and each other. We need to shatter the spell perpetuated by craven media barons, derelict politicians, and deadly corporate interests. We can only do this if people rise together. It’s time for us all to join the heavy lifting and break set, unleashing a chorus of beautiful, authentic, true voices. 

As Rupert Read said, “If our children can go on symbolic (climate) strikes for an hour or day, then why can’t the rest of us?”

Showing up with love for whatever comes next

When I pitched this focus for Sunday’s Livestream on the Ram Dass Foundation platform, I knew we would be sailing stormy seas from here on. But, of course, I did not know we would be navigating the high-noon showdown of Trump’s cult-driven coup with its far-reaching tentacles wrapped around almost every aspect of American life, from its core power structures into the depth of its disaffected psyche.

The last few days, while shocking, are not surprising. Yet, the speed of so much unmasked, while profoundly unsettling, is oddly gratifying. To have made clear and conscious, for so many, the foundational rot within the American project, alongside this moment of clear choice going ahead, feels cathartic.

The journey through Trump has always been, in significant part, about catalyzing an expose of America’s shadow, and within that gaslit, brutish curriculum, an opportunity to clarify where we stand individually, institutionally, collectively, and because the American empire is still a primary power fulcrum globally.

In 2016, just before that terrible election, I wrote a blog warning titled, “Trump, America’s Ebola Virus,” making the point that he was worse than Ebola, which eats away at flesh. In contrast, Trump was about destroying the very soul of America and radically stymying a world on the cusp of marshalling its collective will to tackle the multiple crises that constitute our planetary emergency.

None of us wanted the curriculum for the last four years. Still, it’s been both unavoidable and inevitable, given the unaddressed, unacknowledged, uncompensated grievous injustices the US founded itself on. That, in brief, would be the Eurocentric, Patriarchal, Racist, Imperial, Colonial project.

While we’re not “out of the woods” yet, by any means, we have collectively dodged a dreadful bullet, which is Trump’s Fascist takedown, and with that, a rapid devolving of the higher dream of humanity to which we are called to more fully realize.

We all know time is ticking down on securing any hope of a sustainable path forward. Still, perhaps, we now also irrevocably see that we cannot embody such a course without a core systemic overhaul and a deconstruction of hierarchical oppression.

In a chaotic, distorted way, those baying, pissing, defecating, dressed in cult garb, ransacking the hallowed Capitol, are trying to access some deeper shared initiatory “truth.” Perhaps, some meaning and placement within the failed American dream, from which they probably never felt included.

However, engaging this malcontent through an inversion of all societal norms, without any ethical or wise guide rails, left them wide open to possession by the unprocessed shadow. A ghostly, cold planet where not only rage and hate stalk but also the great demons of the past who have resurfaced in horrific slogans like “Auschwitz Camp Staff / 6 Million Wasn’t Enough.”

With no real, worked out, integrated inner ethic beyond a tribally based, obsessive narcissism, millions, it seems, have been made vulnerable to occultish manipulation and mass delusion. While complicit themselves, they have been taken advantage of by Trump’s psychopathy, by craven politicians, by those peddling conspiracy fetishes, and by media hate mongers, to name some of the primary players feeding off their loyalty.

All of this has delivered a pseudo-culture that is so abstracted from a more profound sense of real, embodied belonging that what is a soulless vacuity is parading as an all-knowing messiah.

This profound loss of bearings, when instead we need to know we belong to each other in a vastly complex, ensouled world, has left a mass of the population in a psychotic break from reality. Unfortunately, just at a time when we need to face hard truths straight on. Instead, encouraged by sociopaths to surf an absurd, alternative universe, where lies are truth and truth is lies, our shared, liveable world is being pulled apart and fast destroyed.

This cultivation of hate and delusion is profoundly consequential, not only for society but also for friendships, families, communities, and institutions. We have all likely been impacted by a twisted agenda that has successfully sown a seemingly irreconcilable division through the fraying fault lines of our relationships.

As I write this, I’m struck that while 2020 was an initiatory year through the shadow and its curriculum, 2021 is about applying what we have learned. If we’ve discovered anything, it is that we cannot reach for our evolutionary arch without undoing the foundations of white supremacy, misogyny, and extractive, predator, oligarchic Capitalism.

Neither can we project all our power onto a President, political and religious authorities, or take refuge down some conspiratorial rabbit hole without deadly consequences. In other words, we have to grow up, and roll up our collective sleeves, and do whatever it is our heart is calling us to do.

So, then. What is showing up with love got to do with all this?
I aim to explore this a little in this Livestream. I’d also like to inquire whether our spiritual practice equips us for the task ahead or enables a massive bypass and an abdication from this decade’s great work.

To pick up the proverbial snake at the wrong end is to deliver a poisoned chalice at a moment when instead, the portal is open for us to take our power back, from wherever we’ve projected it, and marshal ourselves for the task ahead.


Lovecraft country: Meet the US’s DEvilish racial coding

Since watching the last episode “Full Circle” last night, I’ve been trying to find words to do justice to Lovecraft Country, HBO’s horror, Sci-Fi- Magic fest, which is firmly set within America’s Black historic struggle. Instead, I’m undone after a sleepless night roaming the underworld of the US, aware its current election and political dystopia, with its far-reaching noxious tentacles, is actually the sequel of Lovecraft’s 1950s.

Being undone is the agenda of our times. The US is currently being dismembered by the pervasive sulfuric fumes from the horror of America’s ancestral coding of white supremacy and black trauma. The devil’s bargain of Black enslavement, landing on the Eastern shores of Turtle Island (Virginia) in 1619, is now the toxic overwhelm washing up on the shores of our collective karmic reckoning.

Words still don’t come easy, and I’m mindful of them pulling up and away from this necessary undoing through their abstracted descriptions, placating, and attempted solutions. However clearly words describe, they do not reach far enough into our subconscious coding, which is why Lovecraft is actually so very brilliant. It conveys an imaginal, somatic transmission of America’s undigested racial violence and trauma. In doing so, it intends to generate more considerable magic than the spells its characters cast within the story.

Lovecraft’s power is in its use of liminal transmission to break the spell of racist coding by viscerally taking us into its incestuously raped, bloodthirsty, horror-filled heart. It’s a hard, unnerving watch because it loads a full armory with its archetypal, wildly potent metaphor and aims its terror at the heart of white psychosis.

As someone in a white body, the impact is primal. This undoing is a journey into dislodged cellular energetic holding, a vulnerable, wobbly disorientation, and a wave of un-named grief that can’t be cried out. It’s a waking night filled with demons and an entering into how this viral download of “whiteness” lives afloat in a partitioned, monochrome picture frame, oblivious of the unleashed roaming fear beasts that keep control.

The monsters in Lovecraft very well depict the unavoidable disease of ancestral trauma that continually re-infects through the subliminal coding of extreme fear, made visible in the relentless sinister threat and sadistic violence used by Lovecraft’s keepers of segregation.

The practice of satanic occultism by White power, a primary Lovecraft theme, is not as fictional as it first appears. It tells us that white supremacy itself is a form of occult shadow magic, honed through intent, focus, and incanted generational memes that hold enormous enduring power. In the end, the fear, violence, and psychosis infect everyone. This is obvious in the full-blown disaster of Trumpian America, itself a vicious diseased beast that knows no holding. 

If Lovecraft tells much about psychopathic whiteness, it also speaks of the fierce courage and generational heroism threaded through Black struggle. The scene in the first episode of the heroine running through a monster-filled forest at night to bring help replicates the terror of the Underground Railroad’s escaping slaves. The courage is enormous. We also see the power of Black ancestors and shamans, as they interact with their living descendants bringing much welcomed sanity, wisdom and protection. 

The Black struggle, however, is not without casualties. While not always directly caused by white people, harm is still at the hands of systemic oppression. Lovecraft deftly brings in the theme of homophobia and its internalized violence alongside toxic masculinity with its generational violence. It also paints a nuanced picture of the victim-perpetrator complexity threaded through most of its relationships, which saves Lovecraft from becoming overly simplistic and formulaic. Instead, it offers glimpses into how all are ultimately caught in a larger demonic shape that at its core is violent and degrading.

Nether-the-less, in Lovecraft’s Country, we root for the brave Black heroes and want the ever seeming upper hand of white supremacy, and the terror it unleashes, to be thoroughly undone. To this end, the one vital, central message within Lovecraft is that if there’s a code for white supremacy, then there’s also a code for its undoing.

Like any oppressive system, white supremacy can be hacked and inverted. In Lovecraft’s Country, there is magic for this to be found in the ancestors’ keep and through holding faith that the evil spell of racism can be broken. But the real magic rests ultimately in the human heart’s capacity for love, and it’s the willingness to sacrifice for those who are loved.

This final courage is demonstrated by not running but instead turning to meet the whole coded racist gestalt, in all its complex and terrifying guises. This last act is needed to transmute that raw scream of terror into a code-breaking incantation that dispels the trance. An incantation in our present time that speaks out words in our daylight life, like, “Black Lives Matter.”

Ultimately, Lovecraft Country makes perfect theatre for the times. It doesn’t always take words to understand where we are, and to know that past injustices have brought us here. It is this deeper knowing that ripples into core truths. Lovecraft just underlines this knowing by cracking through the veneer of US normality to let us see why this moment in American history is precisely the way it is. It is in this seeing that the call to reparation lay.

We may not be able to fully crack the codes of oppression, but we stand a better chance of doing so when, as Lovecraft inducts us into, we are willing to be taken through a journey that makes the unconscious conscious. 

Stop Fascism. Vote for Nature, RBG, Equity And Justice

I want to pause for a moment, soften around my tightening chest to breathe deeply. We have reached a terrifying moment here in the US. The fear and dread we feel confirm how dangerous it is. This was not an easy write. It’s nothing you don’t know, or sense already, but we must all keep naming truths. To name facts is an act of resistance against fascism. I aim to call in truths, as I see them, to support the final push these last weeks before the watershed of this election. 

The journey of naming exorcises Trump’s defiling influence by placing his psychopathy and fraud under the spotlight. Speaking truth breaks the spell. It has power. It affirms what we are voting for. Our vote is our voice expressing that power.

The news of the New York Times bombshell of Trump’s Tax evasion (surprising no one), revealed his pimping of the U.S. to manage his bankruptcy and debt. It also broke the spell. As did his crashing the debate, employing the same venomous, bullying tactics he’s using to crash democracy.

As the spell breaks, I remember when the Communist block, which seemed impenetrable, fell so unexpectedly. I saw the moment on TV when Nicolae Ceausescu, the brutal Romanian dictator, realized the crowd he bussed in had turned against him. Standing on his balcony, it was the look on his face when he knew it was all over that stayed with me. Trump is a wannabe dictator. Aided by the GOP, he is grooming America for their Fascistic Theocracy. But he will fall; let’s do all we can to make sure it’s this November.

This is a treacherous moment for America. Trump’s calling on the white nationalist Proud Boys to take up arms is his last best strategy. Trump, and his use of brute violence, should not be underestimated, but neither should, “We the People.”  We the people are not about to let freedoms won through extraordinary acts of courage like Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s, be signed away.

Ruth worked on through multiple cancer diagnoses, chemo, radiation, broken ribs, her beloved husband’s death, and she didn’t stop until her last breath. Let’s be Ruth leading up to this election, adding our courage to the lineage of warriors and change-makers. Courage isn’t the absence of fear but the willingness to stand our ground. As RBG lived, speak you mind, even if your voice shakes. 


  The Threat to Equal Rights
The untimely death of RBG was crushing. The loss of such a bastion of justice, whose unrelenting fight for universal rights not only underlined the colossal stakes of the coming election but also plunged the country ever deeper into the bottomless, mendacious chasm forged by the GOP. Hardly did we take a breath before Trump, McConnell, and their attack hounds denied due decency that such a passing demands by announcing their intention to ram through a new supreme court justice. Their hypocrisy is just one more assault thrown on the mountainous pile of craven strategies to upend democracy and abandon America to their daily diet of gaslight, shredded reality. 

In replacing RBG, Trump and the GOP aimed for a likely destroyer of hard-won rights, attempting to whiplash us back decades, overturning everything RBG fought for. According to the New York Times, Trump’s nominee, Amy Comey Barratt, is a member of an extreme Christian sect, the People of Praise. They teach, “husbands are the heads of their wives and should take authority over the family.” They also mandate that “members are accountable to personal advisors called a “head” for men and “handmaiden” for women.” The GOP’s use of a female judge to devolve us into theocratic patriarchy would be in line with their decades-long hateful attack on women’s rights to their own autonomy. Barrett’s nomination is the GOP’s revenge on RBG and, therefore, all women. It is also the clearest statement that the GOP has devolved into a theocratic, dogmatic cult. 

Neither does this nomination bode well, given Trump’s ban on diversity training, race theory, and education on the US’s racist origins, for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Also in danger is the Marriage Equality Act as attests Barrett signing a letter to Catholic bishops that “marriage is founded on the indissoluble commitment of a man and a woman.” Most likely, the first casualty, if her appointment succeeds, will be the Affordable Care Act, leaving millions of Americans afloat in the middle of a pandemic. Without a shred of empathy, destroying the best of Obama’s legacy is Trump’s revenge. 


Trump’s Nazism & QAnon
Trump’s presidency has incrementally pushed us into a war. It’s taken a while to accept, here in the land of “American Exceptionalism.” Yet, here we are, confronted by a disturbing mix of society’s extremists galvanizing themselves under the banner of Trump’s Army, many showing up with QAnon insignia. Trump endorsement of QAnon chills those who know it’s a recycled anti-Jewish trope, written in 1902 as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Nazi’s reproduced its central lies, kidnapped children, the anti-Semitic “blood libel,” and a devious conspiracy against the white race, to mobilize their “Storm Troopers,” helping Hitler rise to power.

Fast-forward to now and the Texan Republican Party’s new slogan “We Are The Storm” reveals their allegiance to Nazism. Concerned founder of Genocide Watch, Gregory Stanton, has this to say about QAnon, I have studied and worked to prevent genocide for forty years. Genocide Watch and the Alliance Against Genocide, the first international anti-genocide coalition, see such hate-filled conspiracy theories as early warning signs of deadly genocidal violence.

Trump is no ordinary Banana Republic President. With concentration camps cemented on the Southern border, Trump is weaponizing himself as Hilter’s heir. Trump’s “evil genius” is his ability to induce a spell-like trance, so people whose violence and hatred was held in check by social mores have permission to project their raw emotions on whoever Trump scapegoats. Carl Jung spoke of how the archetypal power of the unconscious could overwhelm civilization, causing a mass psychosis that can lead to genocide. A demagogue, evoking primitive instinctual forces in the masses, who have no possibility to transform those instincts, could “sweep everything before them like a torrent, and turn men into creatures for whom the word “beast” is still too good to name.” All it needed was for a demagogue “to set himself up as a megaphone“, which is enough “to precipitate a catastrophe.” 


Trump’s Subversion of American Power & His War on Truth
Trump’s war is psychological. So far, it is not actively militarized, though he toyed with the possibility, as we saw when his violent Militia disappeared people off the streets of Portland. Instead, he has subverted American power to give free license to the worst totalitarian regimes, particularly those he has business dealing with, enabling their war crimes and violations of international humanitarian norms. Trump has lent American power to the Saudi led genocidal war on Yemen. He emboldened the far right in Israel under Netanyahu, helping crush Palestinian rights. Trump delivered up American allies, the Syrian Kurds, to Putin, Assad, and Erdogan and weakened Ukraine’s freedom struggle. Over and again, he undermined the US’s closest allies in Europe in favor of repressive regimes, delivering a blow to democracy around the world. 

Trump’s ascendency in 2016 heralded a new kind of global war. To bring down democracies, like the US and UK, an act that delights nationalistic governments and totalitarian regimes, you don’t need an army. Instead, you need a massive assault on reality. Trump can stand on a presidential podium and state disinfectant cures Covid, which is easy to dismiss as just more inane idiocy in the litany of Trump’s pandemic lies. Good fodder for social media jokes. But then one day, you wake up and find factual information from the US Center for Disease Control has been corrupted into another portal for Trump’s propaganda war. This strategy is how, step-by-step, lie-by-lie, almost all government departments protecting democracy and the environment have been destroyed under Trump. The consequences are measured in real-time deaths. 


To Abandon Facts is to Abandon Freedom
Trump’s war on reality, and his groundless inversion of facts, has been alarmingly effective. Fascists win the war on the truth when people keep quiet. Instead, it’s essential to speak out. The small handbook “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder, Professor of History at Yale, offers 20 succinct tips on overcoming fascism while protecting fact-based democracy. Tip 8. Stand Out. “Without unease, there is no freedom. Remember Rosa Parks, the moment you set an example, the spell of the status quo is broken.” Tip 10. Believe in Truth. “To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true, no one can criticize power… the biggest wallet pays for the most blinding light.” 

Trump’s daily mugging of truth to build his rotting castle of lies inverts an effective response to the enormity of a mortal threat out striping every other peril faced by humanity. The dire impact of our heating biosphere and the immense on-going collapse of bio-diversity is speeding up. From California’s firestorms to an enormous ice melt in Greenland, the effects are clear examples of what is now impossible to ignore. 

Just as Trump unleashed violence against American citizens enacting their First Amendment rights, he will have no qualms about unleashing climate genocide. It dovetails into the Nazi theory of “race hygiene,” which he touted at his recent rally to a white audience in Minnesota. “A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it” Don’t you believe? The racehorse theory,” Trump said. “You think we’re so different? You have good genes in Minnesota.” Far-right ethno-nationalists see global warming as a rallying point for protecting white supremacy while abandoning the rest of the world. All Trump needs to do to inflame and energize eco-fascism is to repeatedly promote climate denialism, block an urgent response, and deregulate all environmental protections. 


Trump’s Tactics Stifles Response to Threat
On September 17th (2020), New York installed a clock in Manhattan’s Union Square that counts down the time remaining to avert climate disaster, which is about seven and a half years. When the clock runs out, global temperatures will have moved to 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels. At this point, many natural systems begin to traverse points of no return, transforming life, as we know it. Living in or near evacuation Zones in the last three years, as fires storms raged around us in California, demonstrated how extreme weather events reduce normal life to continual crisis management. It’s simply not possible to function well when in shock. 

Trump continually activates trauma and shock in the population to maintain control by destabilizing the norms of civil society. Keeping attention diverted and people unbalanced, as they try to deflect the daily round of abusive tweets, incoherent ramblings, and sadistic pronouncements, is his weapon for overturning the moral order. Trump’s shock tactic is immobilizing America’s ability to strategize a coherent response to the climate threat. His attack on science, progressive education, bi-partisan collaboration, and democracy sets the stage for the US to deteriorate into violent tribalism and inhumanity in the face of our unraveling world. 


The Battle for Earth
In the battle for Earth, the immediate front line is the upcoming US election. We are in a dire struggle for America’s soul and what kind of future it will shape for itself and the world. Under Trump, the conditions have been created not only for fascism, civil unrest, perhaps even civil war, but he has also tacitly endorsed the rise of nationalistic governments. These tend to be the least willing to tackle climate change, demonstrating what happens in the US still vastly influences the rest of the world. 

Trump’s unrelenting cudgel against truth has drastically subverted the moral imperative globally, sabotaging decisive action needed to curtail descent into civilizational collapse. One of Trump’s first heinous acts ensured that at lightning speed, hope from the Paris Climate Accord, which passed on November 4th, 2016, was turned to dust. Trump’s ripping it up severely undermined the possibility of global collaboration. Instead, it gave a green light for psychopathic leaders and predator capitalists to throw the world into a sickening battle for our collective survival. 

In the wake of this, despite the herculean efforts of multiple climate movements, mass demonstrations, and the IPCC report of October 2018 (by 91 scientists from 40 countries who received over 6000 references and 42,000 experts, peer-reviewed publications), we are witnessing a growing psychotic break from our urgent reality. 

This break is not an accident. It is a deliberate strategy generated by some powerful players in the political, media, banking, and corporate worlds, alongside fossil fuel and animal agro-factory interests that continuously spawn and nurture a denial culture. Instead of using their goliath powers for the common good, they hide their malignancy by deflecting attention from themselves while sowing confusion and division. These are the untouchable “high priests” of the Church of Power and Greed. They generate a storm of media misinformation, climate denial propaganda, and manipulative green-washing memes to obfuscate the facts. 


The Forces Using Trump
Climate denialist and kingmaker, Rupert Murdoch, has merged Trump into his 24-hour right-wing network Fox News and his all-pervasive global media machine. Two men of no morals in a transactional deal giving Murdoch an extraordinary degree of influence over America’s democracy, and Trump the means to cement his cult following. 

In the face of such a swift descent into a shadowy mire orchestrated by political arsonists and their enablers, it’s clear those of us holding and working for the higher dream of a green, sustainable, just, and equitable future are losing the battle. We turn up with science-based data, loving-kindness, wise mindful practices, and passion to implement workable solutions. While those determined to control the planet’s destiny, grabbing whatever spoils left for themselves, turn up with billions of dollars, media empires with tentacles into the highest reaches of power, and a nuclear arsenal. In their wake are battalions of lawyers, lobbyists, think tanks, and data mining companies distilling mass information into psychological profiling to drive opinion and manipulate behavioral change. 

We see the results in our teetering democracy, and in the deregulated environmental protections radically changing Earth’s landscape, drying up aquifers, decimating rainforests and wildlife, poisoning rivers and lakes, all for the sake of power and profit. Those driving this ecocide are, for the most part, completely unaccountable. 

The motivation for this unrelenting attack on mother nature, whether evangelical rapture, owning the planet, sitting it out on Mars or in a bunker in New Zealand to take what’s left, leads to only one possible conclusion. Immoral narcissistic criminals and psychopaths are currently controlling the destiny of the planet. 

They care absolutely nothing for sustaining a living Earth. They care only for themselves. Some don’t even care for their children. Murdoch ruthlessly pitted his two sons against each other from their childhood as rivals for his empire. This coterie of transactional, pitiless wheelers and dealers, who know the facts and don’t care, are the men that are willing to let the world crash and burn. They don’t mind that our exquisitely beautiful mother in all her gracious abundance is being doomed to become a barren desert devoid of life, wandering cold space, and weeping for her death at human hands.

Perhaps that sounds extreme, but the impact of global warming, which is unraveling the web of life, has left Mother Nature fighting to survive. We read ecosystems are “dying.” But nature isn’t “dying.” She is being killed. While conscious lifestyles are, of course, critical, it’s not the average person, trying to recycle, reduce energy consumption, and animal products that are holding a knife to Her throat. 

Primarily it is extractive, predatory corporations crashing through pristine ecosystems and indigenous lands, destroying everything in their path. From the US, Russia, and China vying for the Arctic, to the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada, to India’s Adani’s massive coal mine in Australia, an environmental nightmare that aims to steal 270 billion liters of groundwater, for free, over 60 years. 

Many of these companies, further enabled by Trump’s “Tax Acts and Jobs Act,” pay O% tax, including Chevron who was party to one of the world’s greatest environmental disasters. An oil dump roughly 30 times the Exxon Valdez spill in the Ecuadorian Amazon. They never cleaned up or paid damages. 


Biden’s Green New Deal Up Against Trump
In the coming election, Biden, in alliance with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, has unveiled a $2 trillion energy plan firmly focused on the Green New Deal agenda fronted by the Democratic Party’s progressive wing. This is not the moment to give a vote to Trump because we don’t approve of Biden, the Democratic Party centralists, or because of ideology. A vote for Biden, Kamala Harris, and the DNP is a vote to stop fascism and a step toward a workable, survivable future. It’s as simple as that right now. I am on my knees to beg against throwing a vote to Trump by punching the ticket of a 3rd Party candidate. 

By contrast, Trump is a vote for chaos and death. He is the perfect vehicle for extractive predator capitalism. His turning the Environmental Protection Agency into the Environmental Predatory Agency and his sadistic assault on wildlife delivered yet more blows to decades of hard work to secure protections for nature. While the majority world is grappling with climate change, Trump is doing the exact opposite. McConnell’s defense of Citizen’s United in 2018, a ruling that put democracy up for sale, ensures interest groups can buy political power and plunder at will.


Patriarchy’s Last Gasp: The GOP’s Kakistocracy (rule by the worst.)
This week Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. In response, Bernie Sanders stated, “This is not just an election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy – and democracy must win.” The GOP is using Trump to push through their archconservative agenda. To do that, they are abandoning democracy. 

Trump is their perfect vehicle to bring about that end. Regardless of how egregious his lies or how dangerous his actions, a racist and misogynistic GOP have utterly failed to restrain him. Instead, they are destroying the government and replacing it with rapture intoxicated and extreme “Christian” theocrats, criminals worthy of the Mafia, and Trump’s cold, heartless, thieving nepotistic relatives. All buddies, it seems, of Putin’s poisonous reach. This craven Kakistocracy personifies the dinosaur of patriarchy’s last gasp. They have only one reptilian drive. To control and loot by the use of all means foul. In their necrotizing march for domination, they have set the stage for mass upheaval and death, gruesome migrations, and unimaginable suffering. 

In the figure of Trump himself, we see the personification of a graceless, heartless, cruel, and sadistic destroyer of the best of human nature, disabling the higher dream of humanity, so needed to guide these times, at every turn. Trump’s vacuous soul makes him a perfect vessel for those propagating the decade’s long war on the truth of anthropocentric climate change to deadly effect. We cannot let such a depraved man determine the destiny of so much.


Truth is Truth
Regardless, however, truth is truth. Global collaborated science lays bare the brutal reality before us. We have almost no time to turn around this nightmarish trajectory. We also have virtually no time, and few moves left to stop Trump and his decrepit fascistic, supremacist, misogynistic political coup. 

By now, it’s clear how dangerous Trump’s psychotic cult is. It’s also clear we cannot afford to descend further another four years of Trump’s barbarism. We also know there’s a radically different new world trying to be born that we must lend every effort to midwife and protect. However, where we falter is galvanizing mass mobilization to preserve our beloved Earth. But if democracy starts to fall in November, we must take courage and mobilize. 


Meeting the Challenge
If your heart is breaking with all this, you’re not alone. But, that is better than entering this critical decade of the 2020’s asleep. In the Ayurvedic medicinal model, which inspired the template for the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, the first step to overcoming suffering and ignorance is to diagnose the sickness. The second step is to meet the illness directly rather than hoping it will magically disappear. It tends to be easier to diagnose the problem than activate the third and fourth steps, which are finding the cure and applying the remedy. The difficulty is that however harmful the circumstance, our default mechanism habitually resists change. To cure ourselves, we have to clear out any last illusions and commit fully to the remedy. 

My primary Buddhist influence, the Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah, said, “when you can’t escape, you can’t go up, down, or to the side then the real practice begins.” When up against a wall with no apparent means of escape, there is no other option than to face the challenge directly. 

With the challenge of Trump, it’s important to remember that the point of malignant narcissism, which is Trump’s mental disposition, is to create victims and render them powerless. Unrelenting abuse is a tactic to ingrain the belief in beleaguered minds that an all-consuming ascendency of evil is unstoppable. 

Therefore, the initial battle, to counter his toxic virus, is an inner one. However much we wobble, we must energize and bring to life our inner warrior who stands for truth. For that, it’s helpful to focus on what we are fighting for and against. We fight for a sustainable, just, equitable, and compassionate society. We fight against patriarchy, the umbrella dominator system within which all other oppressive systems exist and thrive. 


The End of Vampire Trump
Trump, like Hitler, is a vampire. He feeds off hate, fear, violence, and the pain he inflicts through his unrelenting, cruel abuse. The destructive power of Trump, extracted from the shadow energies he unleashes, is dangerous, catastrophic, and overwhelming. His weakness, though, is that he believes himself to be invincible. However, the power Trump is tapping into is not enduring. Malignant energies ultimately consume those wielding them. One way or another, Trump will be defeated. It’s inevitable. The question is how much damage will he inflict in the process, so we must do all we can to end his reign quickly.


Trump, the US’s Mirror
Trump, reflects America’s violent and racist psychotic shadow. He is like the decrepit, twisted, ugly portrait in Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” Gray, the leading character, exchanged his soul for youth, indulging his every impulse. He is seductive and charming. However, his sinister deeds, reflected in the ever-fouling portrait in his attic, states the truth of who he is. Whatever happens to Trump, he has underlined the extreme urgency of working for a more just and equitable society. 


Another Kind of Power 
There is another kind of power, which endures. The power of the human spirit, with its ingenuity to overcome challenges regardless. This spirit is capable of extraordinary achievements. It can marshal love and compassion and has a yen for truth. The truth eventually wins out. Lies do not. The power of love, as the Buddha stated, overcomes hate. “This is the eternal law.” Love isn’t weak. It endures beyond time and space. After all, isn’t that the central message of Christ? Not bibles to bash people, or guns. Wasn’t unconditional love his real power?

In Buddhist lore, the guardian of the world is conscience. It can discern what is harmful and what is not, and fears wrongdoing. These all are superpowers, alongside so many others, that we employ at this time. We saw these powers at Standing Rock. The Elders invited People of Prayer from all over the world to join them in their act of resistance. At dawn on those cold frozen lands, every day began with honoring ancestors, invoking protector guides, and offering prayers to the spirits of the Missouri River. 

We, too, can create a shrine to Mother Nature with representations that inspire. We can set the alarm and get up earlier, and like RBG, do some strengthening exercises. We can align with the warrior lineage of justice, truth, and love for Earth and all. We can offer prayers for all. The Elders at Standing Rock said their prayers are for everyone, even those fighting against them. This is the superpower of the heart. 

We can make daily offerings, so our shrine is a supportive space for contemplation. Every day, we can vow to serve as Her protector and the protector of the human realm. In doing so, we join the Great Spirit’s lineage, the deep intelligence of mother nature, and the intuitive impulse of reality itself.


Put On Your Warrior Cloak
We are here to heed the call. It’s time to midwife the beautiful new world of our higher dream. Let’s not dream small. Instead, keep that higher dream alive and assert its reality, over and again, and not doubt it.

Let’s put on the warrior’s mantel and get to work. We, the majority, join the spirit and struggle of Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, Greta’s School Strikes, Extinction Rebellion, and all non-violent Resistance Movements. 

Let’s do everything we can to stop Trump and the GOP, and overturn all they stand for by delivering a Democratic landslide. And, most important, let’s keep naming the truth of what is happening. It undoes the lies of fascism and it gives courage. 

So, let’s roll up our sleeves for this last push. Let’s follow the example of RBG and to fight to the end.

Let’s do this because a revolution is at hand.


Thanissara, 9.28.20 

Guardians of the Sacred Prayer Circle for Peace. Join us for a daily online gathering for protective mantras, chants, meditation during this election cycle. The focus is to contribute to a frequency of safety and wellbeing for all, dedicated to protecting goodness, wisdom, and compassion, and dispelling the forces of harm, division and delusion. DETAILS HERE

Ghost Meditation

This is a poem that arose from grief post the August fire storms around our home, here in Northern California, and all fires storms, literal and metaphorical, around the world, where so much is being lost in these times. It honours the journey of grief as an initiation into the mysteries of the heart’s love.

Beneath distraction, anger, fear, dread, and paralysis of facing down the enormity of our times, lay the deeper river of grief that records our losses. Once felt and journey’d through, it’s possible for the clearer, warrior energy to rise that continues the fight for protection of a compassionate world that can offer fairness, justice, and safety to all.

May peace and wise action prevail at this time.

ghost meditation

There is a landscape
beneath the push, the pull
the taut face turned into a wall.

There is a distant sea
where the sail ship,
chartered by winds of loss,
carries your hurting soul…

that buttoned down
defence of a hopeful future.

Here lives a musical box
of wailing hearts
waiting for your presence
to enter their memory hall.

Meet the ghosts…
lost to the fires of annihilation
the Covid dead roaming,
the psychotic war dogs unleashed.

They all wail at the empty feast
served in the valley of loss.

They surf the rip tide
where litanies
list the losses
echoing up from
lattice grids shut down
over the cargo of our long gone pieces.

While silent ash
of burnt forests
charred animals
birds dashed to earth,
billions of tiny workers of evolution
houses, cars, and life dreams …

Algorithms march those confused
into the razor vortex
of truth is no more.

Fragments of countries,
families, friends,
swirl like ash storms
from fallen worlds
disintegrating our beleaguered minds.

The dark red sky at midday
‘you cannot live here anymore.’

We are now all queued refugees
from America’s strangeness.

In the gaping void
monsters rush in.

Float anyhow in your tear filled body.
Allow your aching chest,
gasping to hold
the karmic storehouse
of wounds,
to soften even more…

As you sail into shore
to meet the ancient siren
of ancestors grief,
your grief,
and all our grief
at this
nearing last station,
of our world’s end.

thanissara – sept 15th, 2020

I share this profound and haunting musical study on grief, composed by Nick Cave honouring the loss of his 15 year old son due to accidental death.

As California Burns, Showing Up For the Planet Inspired by Standing Rock

An address for Showing Up for the Planet, August 22, 2020, hosted by Marin Sangha, California, alongside Bay area green, economic, social justice, political initiatives.  

I wrote this,  updating  a previous blog on  Standing  Rock , before “Showing Up for the Planet” because I was not sure if I could read it myself  as an invited presenter. This is due to being on the edge of  the fires and an Evacuation Warning Zone here in Sonoma County.

Yesterday afternoon, I was drawn into the garden by an eerie orange light, but instead of delighting, I was sobered by the sun’s strange light refracted through smoke. Small particles of ash were falling, and for some reason, my mind went to ash from the Nazi death camps. I’m not sure why, but there’s some connection to that horror and the horror we’ve inflicted on Mother Nature, and because of that, the horror we have now inflicted on ourselves. I’m aware I’m now breathing in incinerated trees, foliage, creatures, small animals, maybe large ones too, redwoods, buildings, structures, cars, maybe even some people. I don’t know yet.

Yesterday, the morning was all business as usual, a universe of normality. By afternoon, suddenly scrambling to find batteries, passports, water bottles and essentials to pack the car. The car is still packed as we waited another night through, not sure whether we’ll be in our bed, or in car seats in a parking lot with sleeping bags for comfort.

Nothing feels particularly comfortable anymore. The hijack of the economy by oligarchs, the destruction of an already teetering political body by fascists, and the evolutionary hope pulled under by a devolving toxic QAnon and co-conspirator’s viral reptilian psychotic brain cult.

The daily sinking feeling of life unraveling under Covid, the tightening breath at disappeared mailboxes and organized Post Office chaos and horror at a private militia disappearing people off the streets of Portland and other American cities.

All the while from that frozen wilderness, the raw beauty of Greenland, the devastating news its ice sheet “has melted to the point of no return.” Reports from the unsung gentle Swiss glaciologist, scientist, and data nerd, Konrad Steffan, working, exploring, and who lived for long periods of time at their ice base established in 1990, to study the melting of this massive ice sheet. He noted, that such a tipping point, now reached, means a 5-metre sea rise within 50 – 100 years triggering mass migrations from costal cities. (There is other  interpretations of the data, this is just quoting him.)

Saturday, August 15th, 2020, as if the icy and watery spirits of Greenland themselves were claiming him to their own, Steffen fell 8 metres through a fresh melt pond, a melt not meant to melt. They have not found his body.

This all comes down to the body; bodies in a hierarchy of systemic importance. Which bodies get to survive, who is lost to the sea? Migrants fleeing across the Mediterranean, their calling card, an empty life jacket. Those in cages at the Mexican border, invisible under their space blankets. The sheer weight of the battle for basic rights, food, freedom, all the love invested, crushed under a knee to the neck, of BIPOC, Palestinians, reporters.

The White House 4 year barrage of sadistic cruelty, projected hate vomit, the misogynistic, homophobic oppressive demand for the this white plantation dominator choked cookie cutter 1850’s to 1950’s only allowed world view.

It all is breathed with specks of ash, with smoke from the fury of fire, the ancient redwoods, our ancestors, on the front lines, as our beautiful mother nature, grandmother earth absorbs the impact of our minds, burning, as said the Buddha, by the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion.

It’s hard not to feel beleaguered. It’s hard to stay above the despair lurking beneath the exhausted emotions of outrage, fear, grief for what is being destroyed…

It’s getting harder to breathe. I can’t breathe, we can’t breathe. It’s not just oxygen, but space, lightness, hope, some sense of cohesive stability, of a future. As all is fast eroding, the crushing multiple crises converging in our bodies, minds, and hearts has heralded our new radical curriculum.

If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, dispirited, deeply anxious, laden with tears that can’t quite spill, then please be gentle, kind, spacious, and pace yourself, our selves, accordingly. While all is urgent, we still have long haul ahead.

It’s hot, dry. I’m sweating

Mni Wiconi. Water is Life

Standing Rock was an act of resistance to stop the DAPL pipeline going through Sioux and Lakota lands, under the Missouri River, threatening 50 million people’s water down stream.

But it was also a training ground to resist the march of eco-destruction that is now triggering mass extinction and the collapse of human civilisation.

Seasoned activists taught new comers, like me, how to withstand militarised police and private militia, clean out tear gas from tender eyes, treat rubber bullets; how to huddle together, to move as one, arms locked, to circle and protect the vulnerable and those targeted first, Indigenous and People of Colour.

While a stretch from my safe world, it made perfect sense within the context of our dystopian future that is fast arriving. Interlocking my arms awkwardly while in a clumsy shuffle, a moment of prescience flashed, we will all likely find ourselves at a “Standing Rock” before too long.

Perhaps downtown on Main Street, at the shopping mall, outside a slaughterhouse, protecting a forest, at a fracking site, outside a bank, in any country, at any time, on any and at every street corner.

A few years after Standing Rock, at a climate protest in London, for moment I was back on those frozen lands of North Dakota. Of course, it made perfect sense. The spirit of Standing Rock was on the streets of London, in Extinction Rebellion, and was spreading around the globe through various forms of civil disobedience, protests, acts of challenge, and clear, brave words ringing out loud. The lines are drawn, internally and externally, and the fight for nature, for existence in all its astonishing diversity, is on. The question is what will be our response and contribution be?

Standing Rock brought everything to utter simplicity. There was no money to exchange or things to buy, none of our usual café’s and restaurants, no central heating or sheltered houses. It ran on sharing, on appreciation for a shaft of warm sunlight, a cup of hot tea, a shared meal, the warmth of human connection, and the passionate struggle for life, for justice, for a radically decolonised world.

Mni Wiconi

Water is Life.

It is an immense thing to try and understand that we are about to pull over the great planetary cauldron of life, bubbling for billions of years, and spill it into the dust. “How has it come to this?” as King Théoden said at Helm’s Deep, just before riding out, straight into the grotesque and overwhelming army of terrifying Orcs. The odds of success are low, the power of those who destroy is enormous; the seduction of money and the desire to control everything wired so profoundly into my brain with its insidious mechanisms that has made us all part of the machine.

However, there is another power that shone through with great brilliance at Standing Rock. The power of the spirit, of heart, of the collective, and of a learnt Indigenous history of what it means to survive centuries of extreme oppression while keeping the sacred fire alive.

Throughout, at Standing Rock, there was always the sacred fire, to sit by, to listen, to find solidarity with ancestors, the spirits, the elements, and with each other, often in a silence filled with pregnant presence.

Standing Rock was an Indigenous led resistance through the power of collective prayer and ceremony. Its context is the 500-year long impact of Colonialism on First Nation People, which inflicted one of the largest genocides in human history, alongside mass invasion of Native lands, a litany of broken treaties, legislated cultural oppression including removal of children through forced Christianised education at boarding “schools”, and the on-going marginalisation of Indigenous rights.

This generational domination was demonstrated by the State of North Dakota’s attempt to force, through intimidation and violence, the Sioux Tribe to accept what white society, a few dozen miles upriver at Bismarck city has rejected; the Dakota Pipeline through the heart of their community.

The assurance of Energy Transfers Partnership, who laid the pipeline, that there will not be an oil spill into the Missouri River, which the pipeline traverses, are empty given that that there have been hundreds, if not thousands of pipeline spills, including those from ETP pipelines.

In the fierce confrontation that unfolded, Standing Rock also became a learning ground for Energy Companies who ramped up their oppressive strategies with increasing violence and insidious tactics; it’s infiltration, surveillance and hacking of communications.

Standing Rock, one of the most unique resistance camps ever, was a front line against the most powerful and destructive corporation ever in the history of humankind, the Oil Industry. It was the first time, since the Battle of Little Bighorn in the 1800’s that Seven Lakota and Dakota Nations came together, alongside over 30 other Indigenous Nations.

This gathering of Indigenous Nations from all over Turtle Island (the Native name for America) has not been known in historical memory. The tribes represented were joined by First Nation peoples from South America, New Zealand, and beyond, and allies from around America and further afield. Over  two thousand military veterans who vowed to protect this courageous and determined community also joined up.

At the heart of this resistance is a commitment to break the cycles of violence born of a colonial mind-set, which feels entitled to extract for self-benefit regardless of the impact.

This mind-set is now the front line everywhere, within and around us all. Increasingly, our choices are influenced by a colonising, psychopathic corporate agenda extracting extortionate amounts of wealth for a tiny percentage of the global population (8 men now own as much as 50% of the world wealth, according to Oxfam).

But we can also make different choices, mindful choices that aid a necessary resistance upon which our survival now depends. Such a radically different path, demonstrated at Standing Rock, was the bedrock of an indigenous template for wise choice informed by seven Lakota values around which the community orientated itself.

These values speak to collective resistance as both an inner training as well as guidelines for family, community, society, and business.

This is how I heard them.

  1. Prayer: Honour and respect the sacred within all life, which includes nature, the earth, the elements of fire, water, air, and those living beings that are not two legged. (The reductive term, animals, is not in indigenous language, instead the term ‘our relatives’ is used.) Purify the heart. Connect with ancestors, and the overall indwelling spirit of creation while aligning within community through ceremony. This involves ceremony as resistance, resistance as ceremony.
  2. Respect: Respect begins with deferential listening, and from that, a willingness to shift into new ways internally and behaviour externally. It means not pushing ego agendas and strategies. Instead be willing to listen to wise elders, children, to feedback, to what is needed for the overall good of the community.
  3. Compassion: Take care of one another. Be compassionate towards ones self, and to self and others when making mistakes. The stronger let the physically weaker go first, for example, at meals, the elders, women and children go first. As a practice, step aside from assuming entitlement due to race, gender, class, wealth, and instead tune into the needs of the marginalised and vulnerable.
  4. Honesty: Be true and authentic with each other, while being self honest about our conditioning and how that plays out in ways that generate harm, even subtly, to others and the environment.
  5. Generosity: Put in more than you take out. Generosity is not just sharing physical goods, but is essential to generating sustainable life for all. It is the direct opposite of colonisation, which is based in domination and ownership at the expense of others.
  6. Humility: Be grounded in your own being, while checking your expectations of others and what is around you. Hold off from pushing your agenda, particularly if it is dominating the space with “I have a better way” or “My idea is best.” Be sensitive to internalised colonised conditioning, and be willing to own it.
  7. Wisdom: We all carry wisdom within us, but within the context of Indigenous or Elder wisdom spaces, listen and be guided by the understandings offered. Resist an “extractive” mind-set, or cultural appropriation of what is not offered. Be respectful of elders and learn to listen to all voices, even those you don’t agree with.

Bring it Home!

Not everyone could get to Standing Rock, and not everyone at Standing Rock could go on the front lines. But every one of us must now pay heed to what unfolded there, because Standing Rock is now our part of our strategy to ensure a liveable planet for future generations.

We are on a precipice and the lights are going out. We are losing the Arctic, the Great Barrier Reef, the great forests, most wild life, and we are being threatened by a craven political and corporate agenda that cares for no one, except its own profit. Those who crave money will find out soon that they cannot eat their money. But, as said by the Elders, those at Standing Rock stand for them too, and for their children and their grandchildren.

At the heart of this sacred, prayerful and ceremonial resistance at Standing Rock is a commitment to complete non-violence.

My understanding of this, from what I witnessed, heard, and experienced, is that there is an invitation to align with a deeper power. This power, articulated as guidance of ancestors, forces of nature, and the overall guiding intelligence of the Great Spirit, that pulses within us.

At Standing Rock, the heart was stripped down to its essential rawness. In place of socialisation strategies, what arose was strength of authenticity, of sharing, of camaraderie, and a wonder at the resilience of human beings rising up.

Here’s what I heard from an Indigenous man who is a Water Protector and leader of the heart and spirit.

What should be remembered about Standing Rock is that it began with children calling us to pray with them. Elders too. We must mean and do what we say. Fighting from violence disrespects the ancestors. The ancestors are fighting the battle also, and they need us to be here without violence. You must pray for yourself, to take out your pain and have love put in your heart instead. As we unify with nature, she will heal us. Respect Mother Earth.

He also said,

One day, at the height of the Iraq War, an Elder Grandmother prayed to the ancestors at the sacred fire to ask that the war stop. They responded by saying to her that her prayer was a good prayer, but it was not enough. That everyone must pray to stop war. We are at a precipice. Everyone must now pray.

Water is Life.

This meme is the underlying stream of consciousness at Standing Rock. The pipeline threatens the clear and beautiful waters of the Missouri River.

Every morning, as day broke with its icy chill, the pre-dawn circle around the sacred fire, buoyed by shared wisdom from Elders and water protectors, enacted a ceremonial and collective walk to the frozen bank of the river.

There, offerings are made. Sometimes we saw formations of geese fly across the limpid snow grey sky over the still glass waters and sometimes we felt spirit of the Missouri respond. It was felt as a subtle jubilant uplift within the heart. This earth is alive and she feels our intentions, our actions, and our hearts. The evocative experience of this living prayer was an invitation for us all to reclaim a sacred relationship to water, air, earth, fire, and to be attentive to our indwelling consciousness.

Everyday we use water. We depend on it for life, and yet we entirely take it for granted. One late afternoon, a woman spoke at the sacred circle fire. She had come from Flint, Michigan to join forces. She spoke of poisoned water in her city, of people drinking and having their teeth dissolve, of people getting sick, dying, and of her own infertility and pain at not being able to mother children due to the poisoned water.

Standing Rock is not just about Standing Rock. It is about everywhere. It’s about our struggle to reclaim the sacredness of water, of the elements, and of Grandmother Earth.

It speaks to our need to reconnect with each other in more direct, generous, authentic and respectful ways, and it speaks to our true spirit, which seeks to release from the mechanistic, disassociated, drudgery of a de-sacralised life by undertaking acts of loving service and sacrifice. We do this for all of us.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse asked people of faith to come together at Standing Rock in prayer and ceremony. To do so can help avert our catastrophe.

We must continue to honour his request.

Standing Rock and its blazing heart lives on, through the myriad, potent seeds planted long ago, as I was told, by ancestors of that very land who knew these times would come. The seeds are now fast growing as collective resistance. The Indigenous People are showing the way, as have many oppressed people throughout history, and for this, words of gratitude seem paltry.

The gift of Standing Rock bequeathed a clarified, strong, heart burning with a light of commitment and passion in the face of such wanton destruction, hate, and ignorance. This then, is our offering of gratitude. To pick up that flame of hope, and to carry it long into the shadowy night that is fast circling us all.

I want to finish by returning to Greenland, with a true story from my Danish friend. To help us consider perhaps, not only ‘what to do’ but where we ‘do’ from.

There was a man in the early 1900’s, he was half Danish and half Inuit, an anthropologist, who spent long periods of time with the Inuit First Nation People’s of Greenland.

One day, out on the ice, with a hunting group, they cornered a large polar bear. As the man crept forward and the polar bear, knowing he was about to be killed, he suddenly lifted his front paws and smashed them on the ice.

The ice broke and both the polar bear and the explorer found themselves suddenly thrust into freezing water. Immediately the bear and the man recoiled from each other, even as they were rapidly freezing to death. However, the urgency of survival turned them back toward each other. The man later recorded that looking in each others’ eyes in a moment of intense intimacy, the sense of ‘man’ and ‘bear’ dropped away, there was only one soul looking back at another.

They both moved toward each other, as the rest of the hunting party hauled them up and out. Immediately the bear and the man ran in opposite directions.

When I heard this story, what I understood, is this is where we are now. Struggling to survive against increasingly devastating odds. How then, are we going to see ourselves, this world, and each other and how will that seeing inform what we do?

Kittisaro’s Message to High School Students, Teachers & Parents.

A few weeks ago, Kittisaro’s former high school Baylor School in Chattanooga Tennessee sent an email asking if he could address the student body in these Coronavirus times. Kittisaro has a long history with Baylor alongside his two brothers, who are all held in high esteem for their many academic and athletic successes.

However, when Kittisaro returned to his home town as a Buddhist monk in the 1980’s, there was uncertainty how his old beloved community would react. The headmaster, Herb Barks, (author of The Magic Bridge and brother of Rumi translator and author Coleman Barks), was himself just beginning to enter into an inner practice of meditation and silent listening, so Kittisaro’s appearance felt timely.

Herb didn’t hesitate to invite Kittisaro, with shaven head and robe, to talk to the Student Body of about a thousand students. As news spread, a local powerful donor called Herb in his office. “Herb, if you let that Buddhist monk speak at the school, I’m going to withdraw my three million dollar donation for the new chapel.” “That’s OK“, replied Herb. “You can do that, but what’s more, you should come listen to this boy, you might learn something.”

So now, many decades on, Kittisaro still speaks from time to time to his old school. This may also be timely, not only for students, teachers and parents, but for us all.



Do you have any general advice for people of all ages in all areas of the country and the world at this time?

What I said to the Baylor students (see below) is relevant for everyone. They are not just words for young people at a school in Tennessee. I’m encouraging myself in the same way.

This is an intense time of massive transition – a global confrontation with mortality – that is not easy to bear. Multiple interconnected systems are collapsing, our normal routines have been abruptly stopped, and we face profound uncertainty individually and collectively. As we shelter in place at home, we need to be kind and patient with ourselves and each other, so that we can metabolize this new reality. To reflect on death, loss, and impermanence, is vitally important and deeply transformative. If we receive this challenging experience as a mysterious gift from the universe, and deeply contemplate it, we can discover a deeper abiding, an inner ground of clarity, compassion, serenity, and safety. This isn’t easy, but I believe it is the task that lays before us.

In a mythopoetic sense, the storylines of our culture and individual lives have been radically upended. The old world is gone and the new world has not come into focus. It’s disorienting and scary, an in-between place – a liminal space – where we most likely feel unmoored. Listen in to those uncomfortable feelings, and honor them. As the wise ones of old have taught, there is an important Heavenly Message here. The structures and patterns of life are fragile, uncertain, and impermanent. This Is the true ephemeral nature of the conditions of life – all that we take to be me and mine, internally and externally.  Wanting things to be different, creates more stress and panic. In mindfully recognizing, accepting, and honoring the changing nature of our lives, we can discover an inner ground of stability and resilience.

Before Covid-19 we were always going somewhere. As Charlotte Du Cann says, we’ve now been “thrown into intimacy with home” and “brought back to the hearth.” We have a chance to come home to ourselves. Many of us have been refugees from our own heart. The hearth is the fire place, the vital and creative center of the home dwelling. As we mindfully and patiently listen in to the various difficult feelings that have been evoked in this pandemic “lockdown” – being afraid, trapped, isolated, lost, hopeless, resentful, discouraged – we deepen our capacity to be real and human. As we listen inwardly, breathing with and through the various sensations and feelings, we realize that they naturally keep transmuting, shifting, and dissolving back into an unmoving awareness – ever listening, ever awake. The sacred hearth of the spirit is this timeless awareness, always here and now, underlying everything, and yet so easily overlooked when we get enchanted by the external circumstances of our lives always pushing us on to the next thing.

It is a time to rediscover the magic of pausing, listening, mindfulness, kindness, and empathy – the widening of awareness into compassion. It’s like we’re living through a Biblical event – a worldwide flood – or wandering through the wilderness together as we search for a Promised Land, a new trustworthy, beautiful, and safe home. It’s a spiritual pilgrimage, and however overwhelming and scary it gets, there’s an opportunity here, if we heed the message, to awaken to precious timeless truths hidden right here in our own hearts, revealing deeper sources of strength, stability, belonging, and security that we’ve overlooked. The sacred ground is right here, and cherishing that attitude portends the dawning of a new beautiful world.

Seniors, perhaps, have lost the most as the shelter in place order has caused the closing of the campus for the rest of the year. How do you think you would have felt had something like this happened during your senior year at Baylor? What advice might you give our seniors?

If this had happened to me in my last year at Baylor, I would have been upset and frustrated. It’s a great loss not being able to be with your classmates for the final months of your senior year: the formal and informal times together with your friends savoring and celebrating your life at Baylor, the senior trip into the wilderness, and the graduation ceremonies marking the rite of passage as you embark into the hopeful potentialities of your future. But, this is how it is. Wanting it to be different just creates more pain and distress. Feel the feelings. You’re human. Share them with your friends (in whatever ways you can) and listen to yourselves and each other patiently and kindly without judgement. But don’t cling to them. Let the feelings come and go, and know that your graduation is mysteriously consecrated, blessed, and potentized by a worldwide corona phenomenon.

Corona means crown, and the Commencement ceremonies that you were preparing for, signify a new beginning, a threshold marking your entrance into a new territory of heightened responsibility. Christ had a crown of thorns. There’s no resurrection without a crucifixion. When suffering, hardship, disappointment, and adversity is respected, profoundly received, and contemplated, it mysteriously reveals a new beginning, a truly fresh start, and an end of suffering. It might not be what you want to hear. It’s counterintuitive, but all the saints and sages of old – and many of our heroes too – have realized this eternal truth.

The future is for those who can adapt. It’s easier to be agile and let go when you are young. As Dr. Rick Hanson says, “When everything falls down around you, you’re left with what’s inside you.” Don’t be afraid to feel the turmoil, if that’s what is happening. As you patiently tend to your inner world, there’s a wondrous alchemy that takes place. You can cultivate a resilient mindset that is not easily overwhelmed, an unshakeable core of well-being.

This is work. It takes practice to cultivate resilient well-being in the midst of turbulence. You can do it. My good friend Dr. Herb Barks, the visionary former headmaster of Baylor, told me that education should include 3 things: silence, wilderness, and community. In moments of silence, we give ourselves the opportunity to listen and bless the inner world with careful attention, infusing the various sensations of the body, thoughts, and emotions, with awareness and wise reflection. As we gain skill, we find an inner steadiness and appreciate the simple joys of being alive.

Although you won’t be able to join your friends in the wilderness for the senior trip this year, you can walk outside and appreciate that Mother Earth offers you each and every breath from her green trees, sustaining your life. All the food that nourishes every cell in your body comes from her fertile soil and life-giving waters. Everything we own and wear comes from Mother Earth, and returns to her. Mother Earth is our root support and only home. But, we’re not honoring her carefully enough.

As silent listening and appreciative awareness deepens and widens, it includes Mother Earth and all our fellow beings. Contemplation reveals that our life is deeply interwoven with all things and all creatures. We literally would not be here without our precious planet, ancestors, and parents. In times like this we realize we need each other. We are in this together. We are part of a wider community. How can we serve this community of interbeing?

In times of crisis like this, as we shelter in place, consciously choose the most precious principles you want to embody and become. Let them be your compass and guide, so that no matter how bad it gets, you preserve your integrity. If we all do this, helping each other, we will get through this time, and the new post Covid-19 world will be a beautiful place to live.

Can you offer any encouragement or positive thoughts about our future, post-coronavirus?

In this in-between time, the old world collapsing, and the new world unknown, we have a critical choice. Do we recreate the old story of the self-centered mind, intent on acquisition, domination, and control that we have seen playing out in so much of the pre-coronavirus world? Or, do we heed the powerful shock from mother nature and listen deeply to her message. We must learn from this. The seemingly insignificant and earthbound caterpillar, eating everything that’s green, suddenly stops, hangs upside down, and spins a cocoon. In that self-imposed isolation, deeply digesting and metabolizing all that is within, there is a wondrous and unexpected transformation into the vibrant color, vitality, and flight of a butterfly. Psyche is the Greek word for butterfly. May this sheltering in place be a conscious cocoon, allowing for an urgently needed transformation of our personal and collective soul.

We have treasures within us, but they are forgotten when we’re too busy going somewhere, imagining that all the good stuff is out there, somewhere else.

A very important teacher in my monastic training, who’s been a huge inspiration in my life for the last 40 years, is Chinese Buddhist monk Master Hsuan Hua. Through all the ups and downs in the many different cultures, geographies, and life situations I’ve encountered – some of which have been deeply challenging – his verse has been a guiding light.

            All living beings are my family.
            The universe is my body.
            All of space is my university.
            My nature is empty and formless.
            Kindness, compassion, joy, and giving are my way.
                                                                        — Master Hsuan Hua


Kittisaro, May 7th, 2020Also published here in the Baylor site.

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Hello Guys. How are you doing? This corona virus has really turned the rhythm and shape of our lives upside down. My good friend Tim Williams just wrote me and asked if I would offer a few words for you, the Baylor students.

I hope you and your families are staying well. However, this is a challenging time where a lot of our fellow human are not well. Quite a few of our friends, people near and far and in the world around, are ill and facing all sorts of difficulties, anxieties, and fears about the future. I’d like to encourage you today not to judge or be harsh with yourself for any feelings and reactions you are experiencing, but to take this opportunity to be kinder to yourself and others. Welcome all these feelings and uncertainties. Listen into them. Listen to this moment.

Sheltering in place. How are we sheltering in place? Where is true shelter? I know that many of you, and me too, have seen our plans and expectations upended. I have a dear young family member, like you, who was travelling abroad, but then was suddenly stopped. She had to come home. Her exciting summer job, all lined up, was put on indefinite hold because of this unexpected disruption of all the norms of our life. Naturally she felt sad and a sense of loss.

How are you doing with the loss of your normal routines? The disappointment of not being able to have certain events, not being physically together with your friends and colleagues, your teams and activities, your classes and vacations, and the social gatherings where you can celebrate.

I encourage you to remember that we are not the first ones to have the routines of our life upended. The structures and patterns of life are fragile. They are uncertain. Many peoples around the world have lives that are totally disrupted by wars and natural disasters. This is not the first pandemic or sickness that has swept over societies. About 100 years ago during the flu pandemic tens of millions were stricken sick and died.

In the midst of this corona virus pandemic, there is a lot of political polarity, conflicting views, and confusion. But on the human level, I encourage us to take this opportunity to reflect on what’s important. With sheltering in place, rather than just seeing it as just something that is imposed upon us, a great loss, reflect on the gift that we make to one another when we are patient, relax, and align with this policy, which is helping mitigate and slow the surge of infections. Even though we might not be worried about getting sick ourselves, as we stay at home, practicing physical distancing and maintaining care around our interactions, we are making an offering to protect those who are more vulnerable – perhaps protecting your parents or grandparents, and those of us who are more immunodeficient or have weaknesses or underlying conditions that make someone, you likely don’t know,  more susceptible to being really stricken by this COVID-19.

I suspect many of the people you and I have admired in our lives, in history or around us, have faced challenges and hardships, things not going the way they wanted. But in the midst of a real challenge, they persevered. Through patience, wise reflection, and beginning again, they discovered qualities, beautiful noble human qualities that are forged within the hardship, within challenge, within the unexpected.

Many great wisdom traditions see challenges like these as heavenly messengers that convey important truths from a deeper dimension of this mysterious journey we call life. The external forms of our lives are very transient, very fragile, and very changeable. All of us at some point or other, will encounter the ageing process, sickness, and death – the dying of this body, the dying and fading away of forms we’ve loved, of circumstances, of various phases of our life.

To reflect on this uncertain nature of our life is important. If we listen to this message, it reminds us that what seems reliable – our strength, our vitality, things unfolding the way we expect them to be – is impermanent. If we just hold on and want things to be a certain way, then when they are gone, we get rocked and shaken. We get distressed. But those very feelings, those very reactions, also are a significant message. They help us see, “Wow, I’m suffering because I wish things were different. But things are this way.”

Sometimes we can’t change the outer circumstance, but we can change our responses. In being able to let things be the way they are – relax into them, breathe into the sensations of now – we can discover something deeper, something enduring that’s not affected by uncertainty. The school year is not unfolding the way we thought. Our normal activities, going around doing this and that, meeting with our friends, are gone. But what is still here? This quality of heart, this quality of presence, remains. Why is this heavenly message something precious? Sometimes in being so attached to all the external activities, we miss what makes them meaningful and real. What is witnessing, responding, and experiencing our lives? Have we ever looked at that?

May this shelter in place be a time of discovering awareness, your own heart and its inner silent listening. This is the core of your being where you touch into stillness, presence, and peace. These deeper, more mysterious dimensions of yourself, are places where sometimes there are no words. But we can listen in, especially when we pause. While there’s still a lot going on, all the online activity, maybe this time of being at home can also be an invitation to listen inward.

If we’re feeling isolated, missing our friends, also listen in to those feelings, discovering that we can bear the feelings and thoughts, “I’m lonely, I feel cut off. How long will this last, what about all my hopes and plans?” These longings, these disappointments and worries – can we breathe with them, listen into them? Awareness, which can inwardly observe as the thoughts and feelings come and go, remains peaceful.

As we shelter in place, we begin to discover a deeper shelter. We can discover that timeless awareness has a quality of quiet inner listening. Awareness can widen to include your body and how you feel. It can include your family members, listening in to your little community at home, including the frustrations and irritations with one another, which is natural. We can widen this inner listening, so our siblings, parents, pets, relatives, or whoever is with us sheltering in place, are all within unifying awareness. The whole world we experience is also within our awareness. We are not so much ALONE, but part of an ALL ONE-ness

We can also use this time to check in with friends. When we share with each other how we’re doing, then we see we are not the only ones struggling. I encourage you to expand your awareness, realizing that we’re in this together. As you develop this inner listening, you will experience a deeper connection to life, to friends, to all you meet. As you relax into being a bit more patient and at ease, it not only helps you, but it will help others to feel more relaxed.

Finally, I encourage us to honor Mother Nature. Let’s appreciate that we are all on this one Earth, sharing this one presence, one spirit, this one mysterious awareness that allows us to be conscious beings. Can we be open to the possibility that this disruption, while difficult, is also a heavenly messenger that is giving us a chance to appreciate what we have been given here.

May we touch this Earth lightly. May we treat one another well. May we learn to appreciate the simple things. One breath. One kind word. One kind deed.

We will get through this.

I’m grateful to have the chance to share a few thoughts with you today. I wish you well. May you take advantage of this opportunity to hear the whispering of deeper truths.

Blessings. Take care
Kittisaro (Randy Weinberg, Baylor Class 1970)  – April, 16th 2020 

Photo below:
Kittisaro returns to his old school as a Buddhist monk, early 1980’s


Corona Virus: The Journey to In-Between

The thing that got interrupted had no business continuing. This virus, this is a god; that is not overstating things, and the gods are in the house, and god is having god’s way as god’s tend to do. Our obligation is to exercise a radical hospitality to this anarchic presence and to learn how to be undone by it. (SJ)

Its arrival was like a distant ship, a small spot on the horizon that belonged to other realms, not our shimmering shores. It took a while to slow down enough to read the whole word, to pronounce it. Coronavirus. Then abruptly, a flurry of hand washing, sanitizers, distancing and creeping unease as it dawned that this tsunami speeding toward us was aiming at all carefully laid plans. Suddenly, lives crashed. A rush to get home, stock food, toilet paper skirmishes, and then, just like that, a door slammed – lockdown.

The first waking morning, as the streets went quiet, really quiet, a ripple of anticipation and fear while feeling the tectonic plates of our hyper world shift beneath. The nether worlds started their ascent as notice was given. There will be increased pressure arriving into your personal and collective fault lines. Then the new curriculum of corona descended into bodies as the ancient door to the in-between was flung open.

We are in-between worlds. Our Icarus civilization suddenly plunged through the layers of our collapsing grasp. We became unmoored, out in the ocean, floating. I’m not sure what the raft looks like. Thrown from our speeding agendas onto our back, like an upturned porcupine, belly vulnerable. Even if we tried not to notice and started to stand upright, we are still sinking to our knees.

At first it was the old, the weak, then the famous, rich, powerful, the young … We consumed all info about it, got the narrative down trying to get this roving invisible thing pinned as each new study dismantled the last, until … Coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains (JP)… Unabashed, it roves on.

In a heartbeat, we transitioned online, settled down in front of our computer screens reasserting some sense of control and normality. We’re just Zooming along, we can do it all online, look at us go, go, go … while in the nether regions, death counts mount. Ice rink morgues, sick friends, medics with mask bruises, exhausted tearful nurses, no PPE, and sobering stories unleashing anxiety waves washing over our citadel, reminding us how exposed we actually are.

It is a hard thing to tell a healthy and functional person who felt fine and well six days ago they may be dead in a day or two … I have never had more harrowing, more frequent, more brutally honest, more meaningful, more exhausting conversations in my life. Complete strangers open up to you in profound ways during such times and you can only hope both your expertise and your humanity serve them well.

After all the words are spoken, the decisions made, the medications drawn, the bed positioned, the tubes and drips and ventilators readied, there is a final stare. It is a stare of intention. It is a moment of humanity. It is a shared space, a hallowed space, the final moment of someone’s awareness, possibly forever.

It is a space where fear and hope mingle, where autonomy fades into trust, uncertainly into acceptance, and all they have left is placed firmly in your gloved hands. It’s brief, and you’re busy, and time is essential, but you find a few seconds to share this final breath. That stare lasts a moment. That stare lasts a lifetime. And the eyes stay with you. (JH)

This morning. How many days in are we? We lost count. What day of the week is it anyway? A question pops up. Who, anyhow, decided there are seven days with a name for each? The slipping feeling of a world held together by nouns that don’t mean much of anything. The vague suspicion of an authority that names things, that names mean we know everything. I never did quite trust that central command even though I crawl to its throne every day.

That’s not surprising, given the little boat of our naming is far out into the ocean of the infinite. There’s not much holding this whole thing together. The 12 miles of biosphere, where all life exists, the warm home buffer between our next breath and cold vast dark space. In all of this, it’s important to have some compassion for this brave, obsessive self, running around its labyrinth as it teeters on the edge, trying to buffer itself from falling through the cracks.

In the face of dying, what is the etiquette of relating to a time like now where we get to glimpse how utterly exhausted our acquisitive way of doing things has become. (SJ)

Look what it took to hold the mind’s architecture together, this world together, as these errant thought forms ever weave narratives of cohesion that all too soon shape shift to competitive dominance, even in this unraveling time. The driven-ness of it all has been so very endless. What then does it take to trust the unraveling, to soften and let open those old fault lines into a loosely cobbled psyche, shaped around purpose. And what constructs this purpose?

The severed buildings of commerce and war, the body abandoned, a lifetime holding at bay whirlpools of generational trauma. All has to lead to the inevitable immersion into the murky ocean beneath, where the turtles, sharks, and dolphins of our unconscious swim. Honed navigation of interior landscapes at least allows descent into the coldness of the water.

There’s something important here, in the nether regions of the shapeless. The dreams that bring their disturbed messages, like faded calling cards leaving scant impressions from our night roaming the Axis Mundi. In the morning light, we lay curled under blankets, courting nameless trepidation as day breaks and ahead seems about as real as that papery crumb of a virus. We can’t see this thing, yet the world shuddered to a halt on its command. Our disorientated self, woven into that world, shuddered along with it, and is now looking out, searching into the long horizon. Waiting for the Albatross to call us back to land.

To be uncertain is the medium of meditation, is the portal of now. Here, now, now, now, now, now… Where? Our new teacher and initiator sent us all home. Home to the hearth, to where the intimacy we seek and fear, waits. What about the home of our body? How is that going? Our long embodied story holding all primal epigenetic transmission in the cells, bones, hips, chest, and thighs. So, enter gently. Kindly. How is it now? What is felt now? Softening attention into feeling breath, experiencing breath calming this somehow deserted body.

The only truly effective medicine we have is Oxygen We blow it at high flow rates into people’s mouths and nostrils, a crutch to help the lungs that are struggling and staggering. And it’s in a shorter supply than I’d like Oxygen means something different in this new reality. We give oxygen. Everyone staying gets oxygen. Needs oxygen. (JH)

The frequent pauses at the unravelling have become port-of-calls for this lost-ness as attention falters on the future tense. Whatever lies beneath, the crocodiles in wait to pull me under, the familiar riptides I try to pull up from, sends repeated invitations. It’s time to unhook from that authority holding it all together. In this stepping down and unbinding from the creations of productivity, the rawness of the undoing lands. To feel what is felt in the nether regions is another kind of coming home, and its reward is relief. It is out-breath into “what is” with no pretence.

It is a home into inhaling, exhaling into awareness moving into the felt sense of our inner sensate landscape. The lungs, do they feel tight? Nature’s lungs are so tight. She can’t breathe. She is choking. Her lungs are chopped down. She is strangled by the millennia of our abandonment and she screams and weeps all the time now. So hard-core this teacher taking us to the far regions of our ending world, tasking us in this strangeness to feel the grief held in our lungs. It is a surrender of sorts, the weeping here, at the outer post of our togetherness.

Grief hallmarks the in-between and can truly open into the love we know, but forget. What else lives there, in our wilderness at the end of all naming? Soften inward along the pathway of the breath; breathing in and out experiencing body, calming the mental body, feeling body, physical body, relax and let the moored boat of your inner attention gently lift into the tide of your deeper being. Focus attention now on the flickering transiency, and see how all is unstable. Here dwell the dragons of dispassion, cessation, letting go, and giving back. Here we soften the grasp unto death.

He looks at us puzzled, somehow still not fully understanding. Esta muriendo senior. Es el fin. This is the end. He gets it. He’s stoic despite the tears. He’s strong. If this disease attacked character instead of lungs he would have a fighting chance. We set up a video call with his family. He says goodbye. They say they love him in a dozen different ways. He touches the screen. A digital handhold in a pandemic age. (JH)

Death demands our presence. The moment of death has arrived, when we know for sure, it was all a dream. Distill already the remnants of our poignant love-grief-I-love-you-for-always nectar and let it fill this wandering heart, so it knows what home truly is.

Breathe into being guided by awareness inwards. Traverse the crumbling worlds into the liminal aquifer of your soul. She is there. Present. Aware. She has things to say. Like, this Covid-19 thing has intelligence. Allowing spirit, breath, and awareness to suffuse each encoded energy center in my body, the virus feels real close. It is everywhere. It’s tightening my chest. The quieting down listens into tightness, feeling each precious breath now.

It’s time to lie down under a blanket, to give over to the ground so I can deepen into waves of slow breath through the mouth coursing gently up the body, from pelvis, belly, torso, heart, throat into the brain. Hold the breath for some moments, slowly release the breath and feel subtle pleasure sensations ventilate and unify, rewiring the nervous system. My body is a raft and she is the ocean, my medicine has something to do with dissolving all splits into her ground.

I’m floating in that ocean now, with the sound of silence, with no raft, no reference, no center, and no edge. Listening-feeling-knowing as all returns back, all is finding its residence in the primal essence of consciousness. We all came here naked. Love is here. We all belong here. I glimpse the black jaguar drinking the moon essence it loves as it reads messages from the spread of stars while the vast river ever flows on to the ocean.

Perhaps corona is in us all because somehow, maybe we brought it forth. Maybe we unwittingly summoned this invisible god. Perhaps we knew we had to be stopped and have the calcified armor sloughed off our hearts. We just didn’t know how to do it together.

We’ve been left to our own devices, but we’re not getting it straight, so we’re going to have to be defeated. The sooner we are defeated, the better for all concerned. (SJ)

There is a medicine that has been waiting since the beginning. The long patient exhale of love is here to defeat the narcissistic death cult of our psychotic paradigm that equates nature, time, life, and everything sacred with profit. As shadow kings offer up their poisons, hyenas laugh and madness is complete. More will unravel… It has just started, this time of dismemberment.

O Noble Friend, The time of death has now arrived.
All that you know yourself to be is dissolving.
The time of that which we call death has arrived.
You are about to be face to face with the Clear Light.
In this ego free state, all things are like the void and cloudless sky,
And the naked, spotless awareness is luminous and transparent.
Know yourself as that awareness and abide in that state. (BT)

A burial is needed, a reckoning and healing calls for the disease offered up. The volcano of wounds erupting through the cracks of our collective fault line. This ancient dominator mind plowing its wreckage into her soil is vomiting up its sickness. She can’t absorb it any more. It’s ours to transmute, this litany of violence and trauma from the severed connection, loss and loneliness. It’s hard to breathe under the weight of our intolerable separating out and the endless projected-transference-counter transference shadow drama of our addiction. At the confessional box of our collective soul, it all spews out.

May all that blesses and redeems have mercy on us at this hour and at the hour of our death.

No one living thing is more important than other living things; we are all equal. Let us not tamper with mother nature, because the day you are going to die, you Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, Mother Earth will claim you because you belong to her, your body is going to be buried in the earth, or thrown in the ocean, I appeal to the international community, never, ever tamper with Mother Nature. (MK)

This corona pause has gifted our world with a weighty question, what kind of future are we going to create? The intense pressure of Covid-19 is already catalyzing a reconfiguration of our global structures. The level of our collective consciousness will influence how much this restructure will commit to healing our separation from the natural world on which all lives depend.

Even if corona is the god that tips the scales in favor of overturning 5000 years of patriarchy, 500 years of colonialism and the wreckage of our foray into cannibalistic capitalism, which would be a tough job even for corona, we still have a vital part to play. Our curriculum is to see the places in our selves that collude with these old wounding stories, energizing their presence in the world, and to let that old story die.

This old story goes deep. The systems underwriting the sixth mass extinction we’ve hurtled into are subconsciously hard wired into our nervous and energy system at a cellular level. The internal narratives and core beliefs seeded by generational fear, lack, and the legacy of violence, empower our collective primary psychosis that perpetuates a profound break from embodiment as participatory beings within an en-souled, speaking, listening world.

The essential remedy therefore is freeing human consciousness from trans-generational dysfunctional and wounded conditioning that keeps us inwardly imprisoned. The voices of “not belonging,” “not good enough,” “can’t do,” constrict the fullness of our energy, undermining our ability to fully show up. The opportunity here is to step out of the old hardened bridles and shake off musty cloaks of fear, separation, and division.

This stepping out is fraught. We’ve seen the battle cries for freedom wrapped around flag, religious texts, nationalism, guns and a breath taking level of narcissistic rage. This is the inevitable shadow of the evolutionary arc into a more empathetic, collaborative vocation of shared service to recover, heal, and do what we can to re-establish a respect for the sacredness of nature and a very real understanding of lived interdependence.

In other words, we have work to do.

The message is simple.

First, how is your relationship with yourself, are you abusing your body?
Second, how is your relationship with others, are you promoting the spirit of oneness
Third, how is your relationship with the world of nature, how do you treat your environment?

There are some of the areas in the human world that we need to heal together. That need peace-making, the healing must be done urgently if we are to have good life on this planet earth. (MK)

Right now, corona has plunged us into the realms of the unknown. The full download, its impact, and our understanding of the strange landscapes we’ve landed into, are still unfolding. The trajectory of this process, as the data shows, tells us we are into a long journey. However much protest there is against the virus, the bravado of not wearing masks, or shaking hands in defiance, corona is not at the negotiating table. Instead it is here to demolish our human hubris. It is here as a master teacher. It is here to break set.

While corona is the purveyor of much suffering, it has given us needed time to contemplate fundamental and necessary changes we need to undertake. This is a shamanic journey we’ve entered, into dismemberment unto the gates of death. The Uranian gods of the underworld, Shiva, Kali, Yama, Hades Ala, African deity of Earth who holds the dead in her womb and Arawn, Celtic king of the Underworld, raised by Pluto conjunct Saturn, stalk our psyche, our body, bodies within corona hospital wards, the market place and city streets. They are the heavy weights whose job is to pull us into an abrupt harsh reckoning.

What is wrong with humanity, are we really normal, there must be something very wrong, it’s only the issue of traveling from the head to the heart. Listen to the heat, the heart is your creation, the heart is your creator, the heart is your ancestor, it is your great spirit.

Did you ever ask permission to walk the land? It is sacred land, did you ever say thank you mother? The moment I see Mother Nature the way I am describing, I will love her forever. I will begin to see myself in her. I have killed, I have caused pain on earth, I must go back and kneel down and ask for forgiveness, and begin to repair the wounds I have inflicted on the land.

This is my message that is coming form this monster illness, corona virus… Sit in circles around the world and contemplate this message delivered to us by Mother Nature. (MK)

There has to be humility in the face of this corona god and its ferocious gaze. It brings death and is collapsing business as usual. But, it also brings a great gift. We are being initiated, as co-participants, into the core matrix of unconstructed consciousness ever dreaming forth this universe. There, in the realms in-between, within the field of revelation and the inner temple of our collective soul, is the cauldron where the personal intersects the collective and the human becomes a conduit for this mysterious evolutionary impulse.

As we transition through the extreme contractions of an emergent world, the hope for that brighter future is now replaced with the injunction to be that future. We are to let die what no longer serves, here at the crossroad of our last chance on Earth.

The shaman is one whose final message is not death, but of radical rebirth and renewal. We are on schedule, and it is time to dream big, to dream beautiful, and to weave a matrix of an indestructible diamond-like womb of love for our new story to take flight.

Thanissara Mary Weinberg
Sebastopol, CA – April 27, 2020.

Many thanks to:
SJ – Stephen Jenkinson: Philosopher, Activist, Author
JP – Jerusalem Post, Study from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
JH – Jason Hill – New York Presbyterian Hospital
BT – Verse inspired by the Bardo Thodol, Tibetan Book of the Dead
MK – Mandaza Kandemwa – Indigenous Healer, Conduit of Lion & Water Spirits, messenger of Mother Nature.


A Dharma Voice for Animals

In support of the Nov 7th 2019 Dharma Voice for Animals benefit and educational day at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA.

My dear friend Andrew Harvey, talking about the multi-dimensional planetary crisis we are in, said “If there is one thing wakes you at night and breaks your heart, then get up the next day and do something about it.”

It’s many things of course; the wild fires sweeping across the globe, the collapse of our oceans, the devastating loss of wildlife and their habitat, the impact of extreme weather events on nearly all communities, and droughts that are destabilizing whole countries leading to mass migrations and wars; every piece of our dismembering world is a heartbreak.

However, if I was to focus on the one profound heartbreak, it has to be the way we treat animals, in particular the billions of animals caught in the truly hellish torture of agro-factory farms and their dystopian, heartless, mechanistic, violent practices. This is very challenging to talk about, because we have such a habit of orientating all experience, all dialogue, around the primacy of our human centric perspective, to the extent that we often don’t see the harm we cause other beings.

When it comes to the five great precepts, which essentially offer a training to do no harm self or other, the invitation in that training is to understand we live in a web of life and in a realm of cause and effect. The Buddha taught that the observance of the precepts offer, “immeasurable beings freedom from fear, hostility oppression.” In the same way, to those observing the precepts, the Buddha said we too, in time, will “experience immeasurable freedom from fear, hostility and oppression.”

animal-genocide2There are many lenses through which to regard our relationship with the animal kingdom, including reasons why we need to shift out of dependence on dairy and meat, for example, for health and for the planet. While all good and true, my own journey to a plant-based diet is in response to the terror, extreme pain, and torture of those innocents caught in the machinery of factory farms. Not just in factory farms, but all animals, fish and creatures subjugated to our human dominance, losing their right to life, control of their bodies, their sexual processes, their family, and freedom.

I’m sharing here my own reflections, how I think about this issue. I don’t intend to be “preachy” but to share my process into a deeper awakening beyond vegetarianism into giving up eggs, milk, and dairy products, which I found challenging.

For a long time, I was just unaware of the truth of dairy farming. It is really due to the activists, who go underground to film what actually goes on in the dairy industry that I was able to begin to make the shift. I have the deepest respect for these activists and their extraordinary bravery.

Even so, sometimes I would find myself reaching out in the super market, for “organic” cheeses and “organic” milk for my English cup of tea, to which I was addicted. So, I can’t honestly say that I just saw one undercover expose and that shifted me irrevocably. I feel some shame to even write this, how it took a longer time for me to renounce a product rooted in such extreme violence.

I had excuses. It’s hard getting vegan food traveling and working in Southern Africa, where I’ve worked for many decades. Or, it’s “organic”…. Or, we need to have probiotics in yoghurt. Or whatever. There was really no good excuse. Sometimes, I would walk up and down a supermarket aisle, struggling with myself, that pizza looked so good. My brain would disconnect, and my ethics would be muted, and I’d reach into the freezer and pull it out. As a meditator, I could feel the dissonance, but somehow, I still went through the check out.

So, I understand this involves an awakening journey. It’s not usually a clear-cut decision, but on the whole, is a process of steps along the way. One day though, the final shift came unexpectedly, like when I was 14 years old after I read my first book about yoga book and vegetarianism. From that day I became a vegetarian. Eventually, there was also a final day when the thread, keeping me attached to milk meant for a calf, finally severed.

It was in deep meditation process. I experienced an intelligence much more profound than myself. I felt it as Mother Nature. She made me aware of a sobering reality. This may not be the reality for you, but it is for me.

cow and picIt was a vision type transmission, a revelation of sorts. I understood that at a certain point of awakening, the implication being the point I was at, one is absolutely answerable for ones actions, decisions, and intentions. That is true all along of course, but before, there seemed to be some kind of buffer zone, a sort of deeper benevolent allowance of some kind; a kind of “benefit of the doubt,” that gave some slack for growing into a more awakened state.

It was clear that slack, a sort of gift of grace, was finished. I “saw” or felt all the animals whose lives I was implicated in taking. This wasn’t an ordinary state of consciousness, just a deep awareness and understanding. Further, I understood from then on, if any animal suffered, or had their life taken due to my actions, I would be karmically implicated and answerable to them. From that moment on, I gave up all dairy products and my beloved black and Darjeeling teas, became vegan and deepened a resolve to do what I could to help those beings, who are as my own family on some level, caught in a terrible predicament.

These days, we are in a much bigger picture, one where all harmful causes are ripening at lightening speed into a karmic maelstrom. We now absolutely know, that the assumption of our right to dominate nature and her myriad beings, is a root cause for the collapse of our living systems, and is heralding our possible extinction.

Shr FuMaster Hua, from whom I learnt the Kuan Yin Dharmas, said if you want to know why there are wars, listen to the sounds at the slaughterhouse; the sounds, smells, the agony of it all. He talked of the great dark cloud of karma from the killing of animals that is oppressing the planet. It’s all connected.

That’s our awakening reality. That we are all deeply connected, that the period of grace, where we could be unconscious for a little bit longer, has ended. Perhaps then, the message to me is now the message to all of us. The consequences of our actions are catapulting back to us at lightening speed. So we have to pay attention.

To meet this reality is now our task. Every decision and action has consequences. In the midst of such urgency, the teaching “we are here to awaken from the illusion of separation” must now be our daily contemplation. A contemplation, rooted in fierce compassion and expressed as dedicated action founded in harmlessness and in service of Mother Nature and her many children, whatever form they appear in.

Love, The Ultimate Touchstone

It is the hearts task to cross the chasm the mind builds.

— Sri Nisagardatta

It sounds rather cliche, but to state the obvious, the world is changing fast. Day-to-day everything we understand about ourselves and each other is being reconfigured, entrenching the feeling of groundlessness. Everything that was “out there” is now “in here” revealing that in the sphere of the mind, there are no boundaries.

While psychological boundaries are a basic mental health requirement, in reality, it seems that we are not just “selves’ but an inter-being experience through which awakening consciousness is seeing and knowing itself. A glimpse of this understanding shifts everything because eventually it inducts into the only real ground we can find, which is the heart itself with its listening, present, aware, receptive knowing.

As we go through a kind of shamanic dismemberment of the global ego-self, which has been in control over millennia, we are grappling with the loss of control as runaway climate change and environmental destruction threatens our collective survival. While all this is enormously impactful, turning us through an excruciating kaleidoscope of reactions and emotions, it feels there is a deeper evolutionary impulse operating here.

What is Truth? Truth is a dynamic unfolding, not a static thing that someone has written down. While there are undying truths, “hate is never overcome by hate, only by love. This is the eternal law,” as said the Buddha beautifully taught, can we also be agile and tune into the ever-new and present truth of this moment? Because so often we miss it when we filter what is before us through our preconceptions.

Where is freedom? This heart of knowing, as it taps the deeper flow of the living Dharma, the intuitive intelligence of Prajna-paramita, is quantum-like. Freed up and aligned with truth, its impulse is to dissolve the constructs the mind builds while at the same time unveiling the power of the hearts capacity for love.

How is it to Love? The small things, a bee powdering itself in the nectar of the flower, shows us something about love. That it is not a ‘me’ loving a ‘you’ so much (though that is definitely special), but more that love is the currency of life itself. All things ultimately depend on it.

It is our alignment with the deeper listening heart-spirit, with love, with a freed up view, that enables quantum shifts of understanding distilled from truths unfolding. This will guide us through and gift the courage we need to be in service of truth, of freedom, of love, as protectors of the Earth and her myriad beings.

heart cakra.jpg

Heart Chakra by Gloria Gypsy